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  1. Man that clown pic is super nice!
  2. Good to hear Joey!
  3. I have chaeto.
  4. Any pics of your setup?
  5. RMF Pscyhoberry $100 small frag JKR Rainbow, Oregon Tort, CRC Crystal Flame table, Spainbow, Rainbow cyphastrea, pink boobies chalice, $30 frag Mikes Purple Rain(have 2 frags), Yellow with blue polyp cap, sunburst cap, $20 each $10 each per frag: Meteor shower cyph. Cali tort Tyree pink lemonade frags have blue rim Toxic green tort Green austera with yellow tips and blue terminal polyps Hot pink birdsnest, Neon green birds nest Dragon soul favia Raptor favias( one has blue eyes and one with purple eyes) Neon Green Star Polyps Bright organge rics with purple rims Seasons greetings cap, Pink polyped cap, orange cap($5), purple cap($5), orange digi($5) Frogspawn ORA purple stylophora Setosa Garf Bonsai Zoas/Paly $10 each Sunny D Zoa, Rasta, Captain america, Miami Vice, LC Petroglyph, chong bongs, Scrambled eggs,
  6. Nice! Did you notice an increase in demand for Alk/Ca?
  7. Wow nice tank and plans! Keep the pics coming.
  8. Hey Jared corals looking good! How are the sps you got from me doing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Nice! How fast do they grow Julie?
  10. Are there any pictures?
  11. Good times! Thanks Arron for pulling my ticket!!
  12. Sump looks super clean. Good job! What type of plumbing will you use?
  13. Dude your sps and pics are looking awesome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Awesome picture and coral!