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  1. Hey everyone - First and foremost, I want to thank everyone that has personally reached out to me via text, call and PM through the website. I know I've been away from here for quite some time and I've finally found the time and energy to sit down and let you all know what's going on. After the Food Seminar back a few months ago, I went on a hiatus. Not trying to make excuses or find sympathy, but my personal life took front row and the club and other hobbies were back burner while I dealt with life. As many know, I am really passionate about reef keeping, more so, with the well-being of NVR as a whole. But early this year I found out a close family member was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was so far progressed, that the doctors weren't sure how things would of turned. In those months, I've driven my cousin to the Bay Area and here locally for his chemo treatments and operations. Not having formal insurance, we've been helping him with costs while trying to stay positive about the whole crappy situation. My cousin is currently off of chemo and taking it easy at home daily. My heart there with him 24/7 as we battle this bastardest thing. In amidst all of this, I had started a new career late last year and adjusting to my new role. As anyone can imagine. A new job is exhausting in itself. Learning new systems, new operations and the people... and the kicker to all this chaos. My daughter has hit her final months of High School. So had prom, Senior Night, Senior Dinners, cheer meetings, recitals, college applications and now her graduation and graduation trip planned. Oh...forgot to mention going to all the Open Houses/Campus Days at the Colleges she plans on attending my off days. From NorCal to SoCal with trips to Arizona. It's been a hell of a last few months. So in all of that. I've been away and I do thank you all for your concerns. There was an attempt on a Frag Swap when I first initially posted. Unfortunately, the new venue I had booked, backed out just when I was about to make the post. That really put a damper on my whole plan and I pretty much walked away discouraged since I had so much on my plate at the current time. My plan now if to hopefully set something up for this year and at least get a couple meetings done at minimum. I can't make any promises at the moment, but just know I will try when I have the energy and time. If anyone that actually read all of this wants to step up. Please don't mind hitting me up. I'm not saying I'm stepping down. But if someone with more time wants to give an interim shoot at running the club, I wouldn't be opposed of it either. If not, just bare with me and hope for the better. Anyway, thanks for reading this and hope this answers some peoples questions. -Ryan
  2. I will address and answer concerns here in a few. I've had a rough and extremely busy whirlwind of events hit these last couple months. But you all will have answers when I have a few minutes to sit down in front of a computer and gather my thoughts and catch up. -Ryan
  3. Yeah, its died of a lot in the last couple years. Even with the best efforts of the past and current BOD, there hasn't been much participation within the club.
  4. Nice! Congrats on the new digs Jess and DC crew. We'll have to get a store tour planned for the Bay folks.
  5. Whoa! Those are pretty hot!
  6. Whoa!!! Tagging along to see where this goes. Could be very promising! Awesome work.
  7. Sorry about being last minute. But we have a change in address. DIY will be held at Jose's house. New PM's coming with address change.
  8. Address being sent out today. Just wanted to make sure we were still a go.
  9. Shoot me a text brotha. Think I got you covered
  10. Hey Jason, I'll take a look at it and see what I can do. Thanks for the heads up and taking the time in letting us know about the technical issue.
  11. Alrighty folks! NVR brings to you a popular DIY seminar on Sunday, March 26th at 1PM. Our own club VP Jeff is opening his house for this seminar. If you plan on attending. Please, please, please, respond below. We'll like to have a head count and once you reply, we'll PM you with the address as well. Jeff and the rest of the BOD will be in attendance to show you some techniques and styles of DIY fish food. This is the blended/mixed frozen type of food. We are still figuring out what types of goodies to throw into the blends. Here's a list of items we'll have available. If you have any other suggestions, please respond below. -Nori -Mysis -Skrimp -Brine Skrimp -Selcon -Garlic Extract -Cyclopeze -Amino Acids See you all there! Light refreshments will also be available. This event will be no charge to Contributing Members. Non-Contributing Members will have a $10 fee to mix their own food.
  12. Say wha?!!!!!! A BDuB visit to the forums!!! Sup Bubba?!!!! Thank you for the kind words! You getting off your arse and setting up that tank anytime soon???
  13. Oh man! I've been missing so much these last few weeks. Tank is looking really sweet brotha! How's the cycle coming along?
  14. Hey Dave! Welcome back to the forums. Glad to see that you found your way back to us here. The forum has slowed down some but many of us are still hanging around.
  15. Date coming soon. The BOD met yesterday to go over a couple ideas. Looking like the end of April.