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  1. I appreciated the communication in lining up the logistics and the corals are excellent! It was good to talk tanks, too. Thanks! Joey
  2. Thanks, Sal! The frags are settling in well.
  3. Welcome!
  4. Thanks for suggesting this! It's a great idea. Unfortunately, my band has a show in Santa Cruz on 6/24 and then my wife and I are traveling to England after that. We are definitely open to joining in and helping with club events! Thanks, Joey
  5. Hi Ryan, So sorry to hear the bad news. I'm glad there is some good, too. Please, let me know how I can help! Thanks, Joey
  6. Good question! If there is an issue with the board, something should be said to the club. I hope all are alright because I know life happens. I may be wrong but, I think the last update was in March for the food seminar and this thread?? It seems that with at least five board members one of them would have seen this thread about our club frag swap and rallied the board for an answer. There is not even an acknowledgement of three club members over a two month period. I am sure there are more club members monitoring this question other than those who asked/posted here (and possibly other clubs in the area). I will PM the president for clarification. Thanks!
  7. Hi Michael, Here's my second attempt at pics! Hammer, devils' hand, and a large and small part of the pipe organ. Thanks! Joey
  8. Interested in too many to list!
  9. Thanks, Michael! Here's a pic of the gold band maroon clown. The coral pics are terrible (one example attached) so, I'll retake them tomorrow. I did pass some organ pipe and a hammer head to others in the club.
  10. PM sent!
  11. Hi Favio!!!! Things are good here! I'm getting ready to shop the Pattison's! Nice pic and vid here. Cool stuff! How are things with you? Joey
  12. PM sent!
  13. Sweet! Thanks, Whodah!
  14. Thanks for the interest, Frisbee. Sorry it doesn't fit in with your aquascape now... This maxi mini is still available, $15, or trade for SPS or zoas. Thanks!
  15. Frisbee! We can work it out! PM sent. Thanks, Joey