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    57 gallon in the process
  1. Nice! That was a fast turn around on the new place.
  2. I have 6 frags of pink lemonade for $40 each and a Miami hurricane chalice for $100.
  3. damn, came back swinging for the fence. Nice build man.
  4. ill be there with the wife, might even take my 5 year old nephew with us.
  5. Thanks Mike Thanks man, it was sold to me as a red viva goby by aquarium depot. I'm glad to see you back in the hobby.
  6. Your tank is looking good Jared.
  7. glad to see you back on the forums Vince.
  8. Here's an update on my tank. Sorry about the bad iPhone picture.
  9. Nice update. Your tank is looking good Julie.
  10. Count me in plus 1
  11. I accept the nomination for secretary
  12. That's a killer deal.
  13. Looking good Alex, nice bounce