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  1. I will be racing on the 24th, July is open tho.
  2. Thats pretty neat.
  3. I am pretty sure they wont be doing it this month since there is no announcement. Since they never committed to it i figure they are looking at a different month to have it in, it's not easy to setup this event and you have to try to work with the other clubs scheduling one. Keep a eye out I am sure they will announce one when they are firm on a date.
  4. That came out nice. Lori and I need to stop by and check it out.
  5. Boats, the only thing to eat money faster then a ex-wife. They are a ton of fun tho, my race car is also good at eating cash as well.
  6. Just keep working on it Don and it will get better. One down side to this hobby is if you make a mistake it has a tendency to punish you for awhile.
  7. That sucks Will, at least no damage to the house. That is the main reason I refused to drill my tank, just afraid of it failing like that. I hope you find something you want and at a good price as well.
  8. I see them pop up from time to time on Reef Central. Dont see too many people around here sell them tho. I think Aqua life was selling some used ones during their store move, dont know if they still have any tho.
  9. You can send a email, they may have a updated code for you to use, It is a new year tho so you never know.
  10. I have a generator to run the entire system and also keep my fridge running as well.
  11. Pacific Sun makes some really nice stuff, just not cheap and no store stocks them so you have to go with what you see online. You will be happy with it Will.
  12. Meetings/Events January: Bowling Night and Town Hall Meeting with the Board, Everyone is invited! February: NVR will be at Bay Area Coral Farmers Market and we'll also have a DIY Fish Food Seminar March: Pool Hall Evening and Town Hall Meeting with the Board April: Open Frag Swap May: Pizza & Beer or Dust Bowl Night and Town Hall Meeting with the Board June: Group Presentation with Tim Plaza aka TFP! July: BBQ and Town Hall Meeting with the Board August: NVR Coral Auction September: TBA October: NVR Member's Tank Tour November: NVR Elections. Meeting TBA December: NVR Holiday Party/Dinner
  13. Keep working on that algae battle and you will get it won. It is always one of the hardest battles in a tank. As for the PH swings dont chase it too much, this time of year it's normal for the ph to get lower. As long as ph is not dropping below 7.5 I would not worry about it.
  14. Dont know if your still looking for glass but this place might be able to make what you need.

  15. If you can get a power inverter and a battery so that way you can at least run the return pump. As long as you have a gas stove you can warm up some RODI water to keep the tank warm as well. Hope everything survives your power outage, but living where it snows I would get a generator as snow has a habit of taking out power lines.