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  1. Nvr repping!!!!!
  2. Fun times with the nvr fam
  3. Heading out to reserve the lanes with Jose
  5. Or it just hates it lol
  6. It could be testing it out to see if it would be a suitable host?????
  7. You can look up on YouTube in how to set it up
  8. Pretty easy setup
  9. Backgrounds make a huge difference, I wouldn't setup a tank without one.
  10. I wouldn't run a tank with out this ato. Best one on the market Forsure
  11. Tank is coming along nicely Pedro, what fish do you have in there currently?
  12. Ever considered powder coating?
  13. What size you looking at now? I'm going to go with the Red Sea Reefer 525xl. I couldn't get it out of my head and don't want to regret getting the smaller tank. Initially when I started planning my build it was like a 50 gallon cube. Things progressed quickly from there. Its still going to be a while until I have all my gear together. I keep waiting and trying to snag things off my list when they are on sale. Someone nees to put reef octopus stuff on sale so I can snag a varios. Go big or go home!
  14. Welcome to nvr nice start to your first saltwater tank! There is a club based out of Redding I Believe it's called R.A.R.E. I would go and check out Redding's newest saltwater store nor cal reefers and ask them about the local club.
  15. Best thing is to keep your parameters stable, your corals will be much happier if you parameters don't change constantly. Chasing numbers will only lead to headaches. Are you dosing anything currently and also what salt are you using?