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  1. Damn bro. Your pics are legit. You dosing manually or got a dosser on line?
  2. Don just pm'd me. He will be coming also.
  3. One correction. My house is in Galt
  4. Welcome back. I've been without a tank for almost a year now. I've been working on a upgrade but had some bad luck. Should be up and running again within a month or two. Post up what you need
  5. Have you ever been a contributing member? If you have that may be the reason you are getting the error. I got the same error. I went to Manage Purchases under the Store tab. There was an option to renew. Where you able to purchase the membership thru the store tab?
  6. Tank was running for 2 weeks when it cracked. But it cracked from one of the holes I drilled. I did have a small chip when the hole saw went thru the glass it kinda caught a bit on the back side. Thinking that's what happened.
  7. That lid is super clean bro. Keep the updates coming. I'm without a tank for at least a month and a half. Going to use your thread to keep me on track.
  8. Nice addition. I have the same one. Can't wait to use it.
  9. Any reason why?
  10. Sweet. Keep us updated on how you like it.
  11. Thank bro
  12. After the tank cracked I'll be going with a new setup. The rear glass cracked from me drilling it. Rear panel will have to be replaced. I don't know what the cost is or anyone that can fix it. I have the factory overflow box and plumbing kit if you decide to go that route. I payed $1000 for tank And $750 for the stand I'll sell both for $500 firm. If you can replace the glass or know someone that can this would be a steal.
  13. Thanks Gina. Trying to stay patient and look for another tank. Probably going to custom order something. Just need to save up again.
  14. Those bubbles are awesome bro.
  15. Sucks coming home to a package that has another piece of equipment you ordered for your cracked tank. Talk about depressing.