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  1. Kessil A160WE
  2. I am back after being gone for two years. Made a dumb decision and sold everything off. Now I get to start over. I had a 20 Gallon Rimless AquaJapan laying around. I had used for my planted setup. Just going to run a Tunze 9004 Skimmer with no filter. Will be doing weekly water changes. I have 3 Koralia Nano Powerhead (425 GPH). Wish I got the bigger one.
  3. Just a 20 gallon for now. Not 100% sure on the light yet. Just filled this afternoon. I will have some pictures when it clears.
  4. I wish I had room for a 120. Looks like a few of us took a break. I wish I didn't sell off my old equipment.
  5. Updated!
  6. I will have to update this
  7. I like the updated forum. Can you add the Recent Topic block to the side? Makes it easier to find new topics.
  8. I have been away for two years. Finally back and will be setting up a reef tank again. I have a 20 gallon rimless that I will be working on this weekend. Sometime this summer I will be setting up a SCA 50 gallon or the 66 gallon rimless. Glad to be back!!
  9. Looks much better!
  10. Yes, don't have my wallet with me. Only if I go to the renew option.
  11. Nice pick up. My favorite Clowns.
  12. Have you ever been a contributing member? If you have that may be the reason you are getting the error. I got the same error. I went to Manage Purchases under the Store tab. There was an option to renew.
  13. I am having the same issue.
  14. Thank you!. Its a good deal for what you get in the system.
  15. The first ones were on ebay for $10,000 +