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  1. Yea
  2. The sump is rough and needs deep cleaning from sitting outside. 30x16x16 dual 7 inch sock text for pics 2097370428
  3. SCA-301 used for little over a year. Asking 50$ pm or text 2096740411
  4. I have about 50 lbs of live rock. Real reef and pukani mixed.asking 80$ some came from my display and some from sump. Text 2096740411
  5. Thanks
  6. do you know what type of impact they have in a softy reef?
  7. At least someone understands that Pills like Vicodin are on the same level as cannabis. both have their benefits and disadvantages.either way. my employer(state of CA) says we cant be on either one while on the job. whooo!!!
  8. snail?? any help is appriciated.
  9. I'll take them
  10. Selling some backup equipment. All have been tested and work good. Prices are best offer.I will concider making a discounted bundle if you want all items. Rio 1100 pump- $20 Rio 3100- $40 Hyder Koralia evo.1500- $25 Hydor koralia 4- $25 Eshopps psk150- $100 Via aqua heater- $10 Aquaticlife t5 24 with mount- $50 Ecco 24 t5- $20 Truvu sump w/foam total footprint 30x16x16 return compartment/skimmer 9x16x16 refugium/sump area 13x16x16. Return section 5x16x16- $100 Text or pm me for any questions. 2093373870
  11. I have an eheim 2078
  12. How much just for black?
  13. He is currently in my sump and I'm afraid he won't last long.the sump compartment is 3x5 in I'm hoping to get het a 20$ rehoming fee.he is full grown and eats like pm dont get checked much thnaks
  14. Blue18, Do you still have your rimless 17 gallon mr aqua low iron for sale ?  Please let me know as I am definitely interested. 

  15. Would anyone be interested in tank and stand on a 60g cube 24x24x24 from aquarium masters?It will come with sump, canopy and plumbing. 300