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  1. Alex cheated!!!
  2. If you are on tapatalk, go to the top right, hit The three dot ... Button and click "web view" for me
  3. Those are cool...only one way to find out if they are reef safe.... Throw them in Alex "Box" tank...
  4. Wow Where can i get one of that? The real deal ones are hard to find!
  5. My baby OG Mystery Tie Dye...way better than a jawbreaker...but costs way more as well!
  6. The male probably knows he will get a lot of additional nagging from the new females, and figures it not worth the headaches....[emoji12]. But yeah, it's hard to add after they have established themselves
  7. Very nice pics Alex! I love that they are not over saturated! The corals look great in that lighting!
  8. What no pics?!?! Or invite scoly?!?!
  9. Very nice price on a great fixture!
  10. I have had to call in and they asked me for the date on the reagent, and they said it was a bad batch and sent me a replacement reagent
  11. Merith is already cheating! I heard his corals use PEDs!?!?!?
  12. I think their is a minimum number of posts you must meet before you can post in that thread...I might be wrong...
  13. I watched the entire video...very cool!
  14. that's quite the difference between Red Sea alk and Hanna alk...
  15. He has big hopes!