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  1. As usual, whatever color you want. $15
  2. Several black and white already made and ready to go.
  3. No. I haven't gotten my other systems online yet so I don't have room for any more coral. Spent the day with my girls... And working unfortunately. Finally getting some orders after a two week dry spell.
  4. My wife has been bugging me to get a frag tank. I have to check on a few things
  5. I wish I had more room for coral, I need to finish the 75 and the 170 first. I can set up the 30 if I need to
  6. I will probably go from Modesto
  7. There's some edited photos for you.
  8. I'm leaving on Monday but if I need anything, I can PayPal and pick stuff up when I get back. And let me know when you get back, I'll have some frags for you.
  9. That really sucks. I'm about to leave for two weeks....
  10. Nice. Might be able to make this one. First swap in 2 years.
  11. Hope everything settles down for you and it smooth sailing for a while.
  12. Welcome. If you're interested, I have a zoas frag I'd like to donate to your tank. PM to work out details.
  13. $20 local pickup Several colors available and can order any color you want. Trades welcome
  14. Some shots of the LPS from a few days ago
  15. I'll buy the sixline wrasse from you if I can get some coraline scrapings