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  1. Thanks! Trying to get better and better. I'm just manually dosing right now until i'm sold on it. Then probably automate it.
  2. New zoa I picked up today.
  3. I love it when you clean your tank and find the random zoas that floated off months ago. Welcome back twizzler frag.
  4. Started dosing bionic 2 part to keep the calcium up. Started at 50ml but it raised the alk a bit too high so trying 30ml. Cyano and hair algae are on the outs now also thanks to gfo and manually siphoning a lot out.
  5. Thanks! All is going well with the fish and corals. The other clownfish I had was fighting with the new pair. I put him in the sump for a few days and brought him back out. After a day of scuffling with big momma clown, he now stays on the other side of the tank. Batteling cyano right now. Its always such a pain.
  6. Ok Sat 7/8 is looking like the most popular date. I've been talking with the Bod and Will can graciously make his backyard in Galt available for the bbq. They also had a great idea to also have members bring frags to sell to each other. We all like getting new frags right? Sounds fun to me. Anyone else interested in going? Just want to make sure there is enough interest before its official. We need a few more people to come if this is going to happen. Here is my unoffical list of people so far. 1) Kim Pattison 2) whodah 3) poolman 4) braver69 5) me 6) bod (some)
  7. Anyone else have thoughts or ideas?
  8. Dang. Sorry to hear that.
  9. Hey Gang, I'm trying to see if there would be enough interest to do an informal club meet up/bbq at a park. We could do a potluck of some kind and maybe the good old everyone bring a frag trade game. Please post here if you would be interested in attending something like this. Please indicate what date would work better. Location wise. Maybe a park in Lodi? Elk Grove? Those are the only ones I know decent enough, but if you all have better options any ideas are welcome here. Happy Reefing/ weekend. Sat 6/24 Sat 7/8
  10. I hope things will start to settle down for you soon. Praying for you and your family Ryan. I'm always willing to help out with the club if needed.
  11. Welcome to the club. Looking good and yes.. very addicting.
  12. One of the finest examples of a female onyx clown is now at my house. Gina's female Onyx clown from the original sea quest line. She got this clown in 2003! Has to be one of the earliest captive breds around. I will do my best to keep her happy The male is the sustainable aquatics clown I had back in the day and gave to GIna. It has now returned back to me. First fish I've ever had come bak around to me. Pretty cool.
  13. I hear you on the cyano and the larger wc issues. I'm batteling a little cyano myself. Finally got a large reactor and some high capacity gfo. Seems to be doing the trick. Its always something in this hobby. If your corals and fish are good your doing a lot right!
  14. If you become a contributing member. ($20 for the year). You can post in the for sale or members only area of forum without any post requirements. We also send you a card that gets you nvr discounts at sponsor stores. We put the policy in place years ago years ago. I was on the bod back then. We had problems in the past with people using the club forum as there own reef craiglist. Posting lots of things for sale, making money for themselves, and not even being part of the club or community. Speaking for myself only. The policy was made so that if you use the forum to make money you at least minimally contribute to the content or support the club with a token financial contribution. The forum actually costs the club money to keep running. If you look at our top poster names we have hundreds and thousands of posts on this forum. At points we have had over 100 contributing members. We still have a diverse and good group of reefers around ( and some old school lurkers that need to get tanks up). If your new and looking for a club to be a part of, welcome.