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  1. Now to start stocking it back up with corals.
  2. Wow that sick. My wife would not go for another tank after that.
  3. With all the storms going on at this time my power went out and i didnt realize my batteries were going bad. So i have new ones on there way. I have it connected to my return pump to keep circulation going. My return pump runs at 50 watts so my backup can run for 5-6 hours with good batteries. Friday however it lasted for 10 min with old batteries.
  4. Does anyone else run backup power supplies on there return pumps?
  5. Damn thats a clean looking build. I like the rock work. Makes me want to redo mine.
  6. Wish I could have made it. Had other plans.
  7. Thank you
  8. I would be in on that for sure.
  9. I like that.
  10. No upgrades for a while. Fish was a 4yo chevron tang.
  11. Im thinking maybe 2 more weeks and it should be gone. Ph probe turned out to be bad so dont think it was a problem. But i need to get my fuge up and going to keep swings down.
  12. Still have some gha. But its going away. Im fighting with ph swings right now with not having any chaeto. In due time it will come around
  13. Lights look good