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  1. So my ai prime started acting up with shutting off and on due to heat. I emailed back and forth with customer service and I ended up taking it apart cleaning it, then they sent me a replacement fan when it continued and now they said to just send it out to them. Question is how long will they keep it and what should I do about my tank. Any ideas has anyone ever don't this before? My light is out of warranty and I don't have the proof of purchase? Should I just go with a new kessil 160???
  2. Mondo707

    The loft frag tank.

    Definitely next time. I didn't see any post about it and I only saw it on facebook.
  3. Mondo707

    The loft frag tank.

    Thanks to both of you for the kind words. My reefing buddy recently moved to another country so I really am relying on the the community here so I can keep sharing the fun.
  4. Mondo707

    The loft frag tank.

    So update for my weekend. Moved the tank again. Got the pump and grabbed a few things from the hardware store. Here's the pictures. It came out great!!! Just need a simple power head.
  5. Mondo707

    The loft frag tank.

    And bam!!! It's been up for 2 hrs now. I didn't get the filter yet. So I have the left over pump from the 14g biocube fail moving the water around. Also have the ceramic cylinders that I had in my other tank for 2 weeks to get some bacteria on them in there. Going to home Depot to get the frag rack project going. Also I did a 10 gal water change from my biocube and dumped it in the frag tank. So I theory the tank should be ready to go right????????
  6. Mondo707

    The loft frag tank.

    Using a kessil a80. It's a extra one I had from my recent upgrade.
  7. Mondo707


  8. What are your thoughts on this filter (fluval U2) for a 15gal frag tank??? I'm been looking into this for my spare tank.
  9. Mondo707

    The loft frag tank.

    Table has been found. Will find frag rack this week and filter.
  10. Mondo707

    Free LPS to local reefers

    I have some frags to let go. Send me a message.
  11. OK I got that in the works That's exactly what I'm going to go with aqauclear is the one.
  12. After my failed tank my wonderfully amazing fiancé gave me the idea of using an old turtle tank we had in the garage for a frag tank. So everything is in process. Need some supplies still: HOB filter. Thinking aqauclear Stand. The frag rack. Power head. But first I'm doing a leak test and I think I do want to add more silicone to the corners Any advice on what silicone to use. Thanks reefers!!!!
  13. Mondo707

    Possible mini reactor?

    Yeah definitely need a smaller tank. Haha.
  14. Mondo707

    Small white spots on mushroom.

    Ok I texted alex from coralicious frag and he told me its the guts probably from the feeding I gave them last night.
  15. So this morning I get up to see this white spots on my mushroom. I grabbed my baster fill it with water and try to blast it away. Wouldn't budge... they moved but stayed in the same place. 1. What's happening? 2. Is this harmful to there's in the tank? 3. What type of mushroom is this?