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  1. djray77

    Some equipment for sale

    Got a few things left, let’s make a deal Apex Classic (Brain, EB8, 2x Temp, 2xPH, ORP, Display, PM2+Salinty Probe, WXM, Breakout box)=$500+Shipping Neptune Probe Holder=$30+shipping Aquamaxx Biopellet=$75+Shipping Ecotech Radion XR30 G4's (non-pro)=$500ea+Shipping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. djray77

    Some equipment for sale

    Just an update on what's left and prices.Kessil H80 with Gooseneck=$125+ShippingApex Classic (Brain, EB8, 2x Temp, 2xPH, ORP, Display, PM2+Salinty Probe, WXM, Breakout box)=$525+ShippingNeptune Probe Holder=$30+shippingAquamaxx Carbon/GFO=$50+ShippingAquamaxx Biopellet=$75+ShippingCoral Life 18watt UV=$100+ShippingMaxspect Gyre 250's=$385+shipping (only a few months old)Reef Octopus Varios-8=$280+shippingEcotech Radion XR30 G4's (non-pro)=$525ea+ShippingReef Octopus 150-int Skimmer=$150+shippingUntil I receive PayPal Payment nothing is sold, just an FYI
  3. djray77

    Some equipment for sale

    Wysiwyg guys, I have done searches on here to see what all this is selling for. You want a good deal and I don't want to feel lowballed lol!Seneye=$145+Shipping (will need new slides)Kessil H80 with Gooseneck=$140=ShippingApex Classic (Brain, EB8, 2x Temp, 2xPH, ORP, Display, PM2+Probe, WXM, Breakout box)=$550+SHippingTrigger Ruby 5gal ATO=$80+shippingNeptune Probe Holder=$30+shippingTunze 3155 ATO=$145+shippingJebao 4Head Doser=$50+shipping (Never used)Aquamaxx Carbon/GFO=$55+ShippingAquamaxx Biopellet=$85+ShippingCoral Life 18watt UV=$100+ShippingHanna Phosphate Checker=$35+Shipping (will need new packets)Coral box dosing Container=$40+Shipping (Never used)Maxspect Gyre 250's=$400+shipping (only a few months old)Reef Octopus Varios-8=$300+shippingEcotech Radion XR30 G4's (non-pro)=$550ea+Shipping
  4. djray77


    I also will include the apex cord to link them together if you have the apex.
  5. I have a couple used Tunze 6095 still in perfect working order and cleaned up. I'm going 50% off as that's what many people have told me with selling used equipment. So $230 +shipping for both.
  6. djray77

    Lowboy Frag tank for sale

    Not sure why you care? Unless the rules on this forum state, only people from California can post in the for sale section? I don't see an admin taking it down though
  7. djray77

    Lowboy Frag tank for sale

    Yea I know but there are other members on here from Michigan so doesn't hurt to try.
  8. djray77

    Lowboy Frag tank for sale

    Selling my 50g lowboy frag tank and sump (40g breeder with Fiji Cube Refugium Sump Baffle Kit, this was $125 bucks alone), has eshopps medium overflow. I would like $250 for the tank and sump. I am in Holly Michigan, local pickup only. Thanks!
  9. djray77

    Fish for sale

    I live in Holly Michigan. I am going to be breaking down my 125g. I have a 40g breeder for my 2 clowns and wrasse. So I'm not completely getting out of the hobby just downsizing for now.
  10. djray77

    Fish for sale

    is 50% off what I paid or what they are listed for online fair?
  11. djray77

    Fish for sale

    Hi guys, I am thinking about downsizing and would like to sell some fish. Here is a list of the bigger ones I have that wouldn't be able to move into something smaller. Blonde Naso 4-5 inches Foxface 5-6 inches Niger Trigger 3-4 inches Powder Brown 3-4 inches Sailfin Tang 3 inches I live in Michigan and would, of course, need to be local sale I will not ship. As for price I have no clue, I know what I paid for them on saltwaterfish.com and Liveaquira.com Thanks,
  12. I have one on each end like this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. So I have 2x xf250's in the tank and Holy these are strong! I can't put them past 10% without blowing the skin of the corals! What do I do now??
  14. djray77

    Birdsnest turning white!

    They are gonna be here tomorrow!! Hell yea cant wait.