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    I’m really into scuba diving and always wanted to take a part of the ocean home with me. Finally bought myself a salt water tank. Really excited to start caring for Salt Water Fish, Corals, and creating my own mini ocean at home.
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    45 gallon
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  1. Just bought a Hydra 52 LED light. Any tips? Haven't made a schedule yet.
  2. Started this tank Thursday. Started with three clown fish Friday. Added my rock yesterday. Got about 4-6 weeks for the cycling phase but planning on doing coral a few months down the road after I get the tank properly set up. Thought I’d throw some pics up and hope to hear some comments and feedback! Will keep you updated.
  3. Hi All, Just started my 45g tank last week. Setting up for a coral tank. I am working with the local fish store in introducing livestock but the light I bought in the Tank Kit is not good for corals. Was advised to buy an LED light. In the store it’s going for $350-$450, because it’s controllable by cell phone plus different colors. Online I’m finding cheap LEDs for under $100. Do I trust the store and buy from them even though it’s a bit pricey or look at other online deals? I like the phone option because it has timers, different color options, and is for an open tank. FYI, super new so if my terms are incorrect I apologize! P.S- I put live rock in today so it’s not that bear...that’s just my only good pic showing the kind of light and size of tank.
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    Hey Everyone! I’m Scott and this is my first time owning a Salt Water Tank! Really looking forward to learning from all of you! If you have any advise I’m always up for lessons or critiques!