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    My tank and my Mountain bike! Being a great dad!
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    40 display with dual 20g long sump.
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  1. JakeO

    DC SPS grow out tracking thread

    Here is my update! 1 3/16 inch. It could be my eyes playing tricks but I’m already seeing growth! Check out the new frag tank! Just waiting on all the plumbing! Zoo Med 50 gal tank 48x24x10! Going to plumb it into my system! Good luck and I hope nobody killed there frag yet!
  2. JakeO

    New to NV Reefers

    I have a mixed reef now and I would like to start collecting higher end sps and zoas but I’m open to just about any interesting coral with character.
  3. JakeO

    New to NV Reefers

    Hello ladies and gents! Im Jake and i’m New to the forum! Been reefing for about 12 years but seriously for about 3. Started with a 72 corner and had no idea what I was doing and failed. Gave my tank away and was fishless for a few years. Then I took a trip to Belize and dove the reef there and the big bit hard. Came home and set up a 28 jBj that I drilled and installed a 20 long sump w fuge, ran that successfully for a few years then built a 40 display with dual 20 long sump/fuge combo. Now i’m trying to reach out to the reef community and meet like minded addicts that havI the sickness. I love to trade corals and I’m going to set up a new frag tank in the next few weeks to get more serious about Coral propagation! I hope I can work trades with you all and talk Reef! Thanks all! Jake
  4. JakeO

    SPS Grow Out 2018 Sign-up

    Hey Will I’m out for the Tour! I thought the 28th was Sunday. I’ll still meet up at Diablo at 8:45 to meet everyone and grab the coral. Sorry for the last min mistake I have family stuff that day.
  5. JakeO

    SPS Grow Out 2018 Sign-up

    Hey Y’all! I’m Jake and look forward to being a part of NV reefers. I’ve been looking for a group closer to home. I hope to meet folks soon. I’m in for the grow out if your willing to have me!!!