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  1. Pumped

    DC SPS grow out tracking thread

    Cool watching them grow.
  2. Pumped

    CVR 2018 Fall/Winter Open Frag Swap

    I should be there too, thanks for posting this here.
  3. Pumped

    240 leemar sps dominated

    Watching frags grow 🤤
  4. Pumped

    PIF: Tyree Neon Green Toadstool

    Nice coral! Always like having one in my tank.
  5. Pumped

    240 leemar sps dominated

    Adding a second chamber(GeosReef SMC 618) to my calcium reactor(CoralVue CR220). Should I fill the second chamber with just Reborn media?
  6. Pumped

    240 leemar sps dominated

    Thanks Will! Here is a Bubblegum Digi:
  7. You could use them at a lower percent and put the tunzes back in.
  8. Nice choice of lighting there!
  9. Pumped

    Birdsnest turning white!

    Post a video of those running.
  10. I have a stash of dead colonies in my backyard, maybe I will recycle them in a calcium reactor one day. Reminds me of this video Hitler discovers AEFW
  11. Glad to see you posting
  12. Pumped

    Birdsnest turning white!

    All work great, go with what you like. Vortechs are better. no wires, no heat, no mess, and proven to grow sps faster!