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  1. Pumped

    WWC OG Bounce

    All gone.
  2. Pumped

    240 leemar sps dominated

    Thanks Ryan! I enjoy just watching them grow.
  3. Pumped

    240 leemar sps dominated

    Some corals shots! Upscales M. WWC Snowdrop RR Vinh ATL SOF RMF Psychoberry (looks better in person) Therman's Rainbow
  4. Pumped

    Cadlight 125 build

    My tank was setup with fish already when I redid the rock work. I had jester come out and put it all together. But I had fish and coral in the tank at the time. All were fine.
  5. Pumped

    Moving Tank - Freebies

    Thanks for the fish and nems!
  6. Pumped

    Cadlight 125 build

    Yeah. Just let the corals grow out.
  7. Pumped

    Cadlight 125 build

    Probably mid to upper upper height of your tank is a safe bet.
  8. Pumped

    Cadlight 125 build

    Did you get them from ORA?
  9. Pumped

    Breaking News

    Good luck with everything.
  10. Pumped

    Cadlight 125 build

    Corals, tank, pics, fish all look great! 👍
  11. Pumped

    SPS frags FS

    I know how that goes. I want to get back into things soon.
  12. Pumped

    SPS frags FS

    Let me know Ryan!
  13. Pumped

    SPS frags FS

    that one is hard to take a pic of. I will make a frag and take a pic of it for you.
  14. Pumped

    SPS frags FS

    Example of Pink Lemonade and Garf Bonsai. phone pic
  15. Pumped

    SPS frags FS

    JKR Rainbow 30 Upscales Microlados 30 Toxic green tort with orange tips 20 Garf bonsai 20 Green slimer 20 BC Spainbow 30 Bubblegum Digi 20 ATL SOF 30 BC BPG 30 Blue tipped stag 20