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  1. Pumped

    240 Leemar full setup

    Starting a new build, so looking to sell this for a good deal to someone who will come take everything. Not interested in parting out. Everything is currently up and running. $3,000 for everything. 240 Leemar tank with starphire glass, and custom stand. Great condition imo. 96"x26"x22"tall Stand is about 3ft tall. Equipment: 4 MP40QD Full neptune apex with display.(prior to new gen) With WIFI Router setup. Apex dos 2 ATI Sunpower 4ft with 8 bulbs each. Comes with hangers.(AI EXT rails.) Return Pump: Reef Octopus Varios 8 DC pump Super Reef octopus 5000INT Skimmer Jager Heaters AVAST Davey Jones Skimmate Locker (Large) Tunze ATO Livestock, Fish have been in my system for years: Yellow tang, Powder blue tang, convict tang, Breeding chromis Breeding clowns mandarin hawaiin flame six line large fariy wrasse super male Blue throat trigger pair anthias few more fish... Will throw in a lot of corals too, and all rock.
  2. $1,000 for everything! I paid over 2k. Used for 6 months. Reef Octopus CR220 Geo SMC 618 second chamber FX-STP PERISTALTIC CONTINUOUS DUTY DOSING PUMP Aquarium Plant CARBONDOSER ELECTRONIC CO2 REGULATOR 2 CO2 tanks, one half full, one full tank. 44lb box unopened Reborn Calcium media old ph probe
  3. Pumped

    2019 Board Nominations

    Yeah, sounds good!
  4. Pumped

    CFM 2019

    Anyone going?
  5. Pumped

    2019 Board Nominations

    I would help you out.
  6. Pumped

    2019 Board Nominations

    How much longer will this site be up?
  7. Pumped

    155 gallon build

    Looks good. Which hangers are you using?
  8. Pumped

    Fish for sale

    oh okay, good luck with sale.
  9. Pumped

    SPS Frags FS

    Hawkins, lemonade, and green slimer still available.
  10. Pumped

    Fish for sale

    Where are you located exactly?
  11. Pumped

    SPS Frags FS

    WWC Snowdrop $40 ORA Hawkins $30 RMF Psychoberry $50 PC Rainbow $30 BC Spainbow $30 Green Slimer Large $30 Therman's Rainbow $40 Tyree Pink Lemonade $30
  12. Pumped

    DC SPS grow out tracking thread

    Cool watching them grow.
  13. Pumped

    CVR 2018 Fall/Winter Open Frag Swap

    I should be there too, thanks for posting this here.