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  1. test

  2. Anyone have any Berghia Nudibranchs locally?
  3. Checking in - are we still a go or looking for another date where more people can go or? Just planning the weekend is all.
  4. Frag tank: glass, 6' x 3' x 1'

    Sold, thx!
  5. Frag tank: glass, 6' x 3' x 1'

    Sounds good! Heads up all: This re-post on Craigslist has generated a lot of interest, woke up to 4 additional inquiries via text and emails. No firm commitments yet though.
  6. Frag tank: glass, 6' x 3' x 1'

    Oops, the ad expired. Here we go! http://fresno.craigslist.org/for/6178827599.html
  7. Hey guys, Thought I'd post this here in case there was any interest in picking it up at the CVR swap coming up or something. (Or anytime, of course!) Details here: http://fresno.craigslist.org/for/6178827599.html
  8. Additional details available here: http://www.cvreefers.org/showthread.php?26786-CVR-Spring-Summer-Open-Frag-Swap When: June 24, 2017 (Saturday) Check in: 11 AM Start: 1 PM Where: Blue Planet Aquarium 546 W Shields Ave, Fresno, CA 93705 Fresno, CA 93705 Registration Fees: Current Membership (CVR, NVR, BAR, memberships accepted) CVR Membership $20 $10 Pre-Registration $15 At the Door $10 At the Door for CVR, NVR, BAR, and CRC members *GUARANTEED* to walk away with at least twice that value in corals, usually much higher! PayPal: cvreefers@gmail.com Don't forget to send it as Friends and Family! Elections: It is that time of year again to nominate and vote for your future CVR BOD Members! The club has been quiet, we need some new blood. New to the hobby but want to help? New to the club but don't think you've got what it takes? We bet you do! If you're intimidated, don't be. We'll help you along and train you as well. How do you think we all got started? Maybe volunteer for one of the support positions to see how it all works and see how much you love it! Volunteer, nominate for a position here: http://www.cvreefers.org/showthread.php?26782-2017-BOD-nominations To Bring: Minimum 3 frags (Green Star Polyps, Clove Polyps, Blue Cloves, and Kenya Trees will not be counted towards the 3 frags) Cooler to hold frag cups ~~ Don't have 3 frags? Check with our sponsors (Blue Planet, Legendary Corals, Exotic Frags, to name a few!) to get a cheap 3-frag pack! ~~ Bonus List: http://www.cvreefers.org/showthread.php?26781-2017-Swap-Ultra-Bonus-Coral-list How does the bonus system work? Click that link to find out! ~~ Don't have 3 bonus-round qualifying frags but want a bonus ticket? Check with our sponsors (Blue Planet, Legendary Corals, Exotic Frags, to name a few!) to get a cheap 3-bonus-round frag pack! ~~ Lunch: Lunch to be provided! (Nothing is set yet, but probably some pizza, soda, and water.) Snacks: Hey girlfriends and wives: wanna make some home-made treats for everyone? Brownies, cookies, cupcakes, treats? That'd be AWESOME!! :woot2: Opportunity Drawing Prizes: Neptune Apex Jr.! One of the new AquaMaxx Magnus pumps by Sunpole! One of the new Aqamai KPS Wifi Pumps! Hydra 26 HD LED! Hanna ALK Checker! Frag Pack from ExoticFrags! + more! Opportunity Drawing Ticket Prices: $2 per ticket $40 for 40 $60 for 65 with CVR Sticker $100 for 120 with CVR Sticker A couple of changes this swap: In an effort to reach out to more club members, or potential members, we're going to ask for help manning the raffle table, ticket sales, and coral placements out on the frag swap tables. Wanna help? Let us know! Don't wanna help? We might ask ya to anyways. ;) Vendors: Blue Planet Aquarium Jestersix Rock work Legendary Corals Pre-Registration List:
  9. Taking a break

    Dang, that stinks. So sorry.
  10. Hopefully all of ya? NVR Carpool road trip? I'll join ya guys on the 8th if you join us on the 24th? Deal?
  11. Taking a break

    Very sorry to hear it. Do you know what went wrong?
  12. Hi All, We are working on a more formal announcement and details. But the next CVR Swap will be an Open-to-all swap and on Saturday, June 24th. Registration at 11AM, swap at 1PM, at.... Blue Planet Aquarium (in Fresno)! (Thx, Kevin!) This is open to everyone, not just club members. (Although any reef aquarium club member [CVR, NVR, BAR, MARS, etc.] will receive a discount on admission.) Stay tuned for details, posted in the next couple of days. Save the date!! (I wasn't sure if this should be here or in announcements? Figured I'd post it here and then the formal announcement in announcements in the next couple days.) -Who Dah?
  13. A note from the club President

    Thanks for sharing, Ryan! Thoughts are with you.
  14. Recent Topic block

    Heya - sounds like a reasonable request, so it shall be. Reload to see the requested change take place.
  15. NVR 2016 Open Swap (April 30th)

    Thanks for having us out, NVR! Had a blast. Thanks, -Jeremy