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  1. vulteiv1

    Looking for an in-sump skimmer

    Hey, I have a brand new rlss R-5i skimmer that I purchased 2 years ago. It's been sitting in storage until last week. I started a new tank, and tried the skimmer out for the first time. Skims great, but the hum noise that the motor makes is too loud for my liking. I'm not sure if the motor is bad or that it's normal. You can have it for $75. A replacement pump is $30 on ebay, https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Genuine-OPEN-BOX-Waveline-Replacement-Skimmer-Pump-Houseing-ONLY-DC2500H/132795400613?hash=item1eeb3901a5:g:1~kAAOSwkrFaW9S1:sc:USPSFirstClass!95209!US!-1 . Let me if you are interested in checking it out. Vince
  2. vulteiv1

    Members Attention Needed

    Very shady business, seems like stealing to me. Better get a lawyer and have them figure it all out. Better to spend the money now, than lose it to the IRS in the future.
  3. vulteiv1

    Fish tank stuff for sale

    $250 for the tank...
  4. vulteiv1

    Fish tank stuff for sale

    Sump sold
  5. vulteiv1

    Fish tank stuff for sale

    The tank and the sump are still available. Price dropped on the tank, $300
  6. vulteiv1

    Jose's SCA 100

    Get some hangers and set up the light. You'll love the color of T5.
  7. vulteiv1

    Fish tank stuff for sale

    Everything is pending or sold except for the tank.
  8. vulteiv1

    Fish tank stuff for sale

    Thanks Neil, hopefully the pump works out for you.
  9. vulteiv1

    Fish tank stuff for sale

    I'm in stockton, off of eight mile road and I5.
  10. vulteiv1

    Fish tank stuff for sale

    Thanks for the reply, hopefully it's fix now.
  11. vulteiv1

    Fish tank stuff for sale

    Is it showing now?
  12. vulteiv1

    Fish tank stuff for sale

    I was thinking about getting back into the hobby, but due to life changing events, I've decided to just moved on from the hobby for now. Most of the items has been in storage for a year. Most of it has been used for maybe a couple of months. Brand new 125g Aquarian masters tank. 60x24x18, reef ready with one corner overflow $325, Price dropped, $300 now.
  13. vulteiv1

    What do you guys want?

    Diy fish food Fish from Hawaii Group Buy Tank Tour BBQ/Picnic Since UFC was on tonight, maybe a UFC event.
  14. vulteiv1

    Jeff's 180 FOWLR

    Awesome stocks of fish in there. The Achilles Tang and Purple tang are definitely on my list of fish to stock in the future.
  15. vulteiv1

    FS Leemar Cube, Stand, Canopy

    Damn, so tempting. Pm sent