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  1. Thanks guys. The excitement was short lived. Thursday morning I woke up to my 14 year old clown crunch on the floor. Sad way to go. Now I have to decide if I keep her buddy and find it a mate or find it a great home and call it good. The tank is awfully cute but doesn't help with the whole, less to take care of , I was hoping to achieve when I took down the big tank.
  2. Well, I thought I was out for an extended period. I enjoyed not worrying about the tank last summer. Then someone decided to move and I repo’d my clownfish [emoji6]. Okay, maybe he was kind enough to offer them back. I couldn’t part with them again. I also didn’t want to set up the 120 again even though it’s still sitting in the living room. I picked up a little evo for the clowns to live out their lives. All coral in there will probably be leaving and it will mainly be an anemone tank for the clowns. Haven’t decided what anemone yet. And with that....I’m (kind of) baaaack!
  3. To be continued...As some of you know I broke down my reef after 15 years. It was tough but between continual power outages now that I live in the middle of nowhere and traveling more while competing with the dogs the reef was suffering. I miss it and may be back but not constantly worrying about it has also been nice. I'm not going to be totally gone. I love our reefing community.
  4. They look great in your tank. I'm sure they will live out happy, long lives there. They will lay a clutch of eggs every two weeks on the dot once they've settled in. Now get them that anemone!
  5. I'm sorry to see this Will. The reefing gods are testing your resolve. Thank goodness there was no damage to the house.
  6. Now if I only remembered what I said!
  7. GVK

    Let's go bowling!

    Looks like fun!
  8. Looks great Marius! Did you secure the rock work in any way? If not, I would. I'm learning my lesson the hard way.
  9. GVK

    Let's go bowling!

    Have fun! I would love to come but spending the night in the city for the big dog show tomorrow.
  10. GVK

    WTB a 1/2" piece of Glass

    Try giving roadrunner glass in Manteca a call. I've had good luck getting stuff from them.
  11. GVK

    Reef A Palooza Donations

    When is this? Monday and Tuesday? When do you want frags?
  12. GVK

    Sacramento Store Tour 9-24-16

    It's always a lot of fun. Unfortunately I'll be on the other end of the state.
  13. GVK

    New addition

    I thought I should post the reason why I've been completely absent for a while. I finally got that new puppy I've been talking about the last couple years. This is Henry.
  14. GVK

    Bergia nudibrancs

    I would be interested Jared.