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  1. Ryan M

    Home made fish food

    Nice mix. If you can get some I’d recommend adding some Selcon and Cyclop eeze or PE Calanus. The original frozen cyclop eeze is rare to find these days but it’s the secret key on feeding finicky eaters and does LPS well.
  2. Ryan M

    Selling Everything

    Are the MP’s QD?
  3. Ryan M

    SPS Grow Out 2018 Sign-up

    I’m in if you can’t fill in the extra spots.
  4. Ryan M

    AVAST ATO for Neptune Apex

    Ryan's favorite meet up spot hahaha
  5. Me too hahaha but my excuse is just not caring anymore
  6. Ryan M

    New project. 170 cube

    Keep an eye out on the dry side of the Vortech. There’s been a few members in the past that made different types of screens to only ditch them down the road as the dry side would get a lot hotter than normal. Should only be slightly warm to the touch.
  7. Ryan M

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Winner winner chicken dinner! I started in the summer of 2006. Back then my first setup was a 29 gal “mixed reef” hahaha with a Fluval 205 canister filter, CPR BakPak HOB skimmer, Odyssea 2 bulb Power Compact light, and Rio 600 powerheads. Nice job Myke! Let me know when you’re in Manteca and ready for some frags. I got a healthy zoa frag pack for ya 👍
  8. Ryan M

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Sorry fellas. These are incorrect as well.
  9. Ryan M

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Hahaha should’ve read the other posts
  10. Ryan M

    Miami Hurricane Chalice Frags

    Solid deal!
  11. Ryan M

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Maybe a small boat. Pretty sure you have me beat by a few years, Mac.
  12. Ryan M

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Incorrect for the second time
  13. Ryan M

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

  14. Ryan M

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Sorry, guys. Both are incorrect.
  15. Ryan M

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Random zoa pack of 20+ polyps of named zoas. First person that can guess how long I’ve been in the hobby (in years) gets the pack. Names of zoas? No clue. But I know I got them all with names, initially One guess per member. Must pick up in Manteca. GL