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  1. Ryan M

    2019 Board Nominations

  2. Ryan M

    2019 Board Nominations

    Sad to see the club get to this. But with every social media platform, something new comes along and fades out the old. As a recommendation, possibly get ahold of Jeremy and pay into the decommission of this forum board but pay in advance for the actual domain name of nvreefers.org. With the domain still active, rather than the landing page to the forum (that will be decommissioned) it'll redirect to the old NVR section of Reef Central. At least with a redirect there is still a soft way for people to communicate than going the Facebook route. This way there isn't a need for local moderation to forums of group pages. Just my .02
  3. Ryan M

    FS: JB babies

    Thanks Dave! Just a couple more babies left. Don’t sleep. Probably won’t be selling anymore for another year or so. Jump on this deal while you can.
  4. Ryan M

    FS: JB babies

    I’ll send you a text brotha
  5. Ryan M

    FS: JB babies

    Just fragged up and mounted a bunch more. Don’t sleep. These things go like hot cakes at this price.
  6. Ryan M

    PIF: Tyree Neon Green Toadstool

    Please close. Kicked them down to my friend John at Twins.
  7. Ryan M

    PIF: Tyree Neon Green Toadstool

    Hi Hai! They can get pretty big under the right conditions. Not sure how they grow under LEDs but under t5s, I went from maybe a 1” frag to I’d guess 3” tall to 4” in diameter.
  8. Ryan M

    PIF: Tyree Neon Green Toadstool

    Yeah, an NVR staple for sure.
  9. Have a couple good sized frags of the old school NVR Classic Tyree Neon Green Toadstool. Must go to a good home and spread the love once you can frag it up for others. Pickup in Manteca.
  10. Ryan M

    FS: JB babies

    Thanks Don. I'll get you taken care of.
  11. Sweet tank and equipment man
  12. Classic! Still hilarious til this day
  13. Ryan M

    FS: JB babies