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  1. RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Maybe a small boat. Pretty sure you have me beat by a few years, Mac.
  2. RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Incorrect for the second time
  3. RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Sorry, guys. Both are incorrect.
  4. RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Random zoa pack of 20+ polyps of named zoas. First person that can guess how long I’ve been in the hobby (in years) gets the pack. Names of zoas? No clue. But I know I got them all with names, initially One guess per member. Must pick up in Manteca. GL
  5. RS250 project build

    Oh snap! Myke is making a soft come back! Hell yeah man!!
  6. WTB/WTT (x2) MP10 QDs

    Looking for a pair of MP10 QDs.
  7. The new guy

  8. Sounds about right. I was looking a setup near to what you’re planning to run. Just don’t have the space under the stand for the CaRX gear. Good luck man!
  9. It’s been a few years since I’ve researched it. But I believe initially it has something to do with more of the pH. I could be wrong but that’s what’s coming to mind at the moment. That could be a starting point to look into?
  10. FS: JB babies

    Mods please lock. All sold.
  11. FS: JB babies

    Hey Julie! Things are going well. Shoot me a text and I'll set you up.
  12. FS: JB babies

    I have 4 pending in SoCal. 3 pending here locally. And possibly a buyer of the one pictured. Maybe 2 or 3 after that then I’m holding off on selling anymore.
  13. FS: JB babies

    Happy to hear! I posted a CL ad in SoCal and the peeps down there are going crazy over them.