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  1. Whoa, John has a full on beard going on these days.
  2. NVR BBQ and White Elephant Game

    Hahahaha just making sure! I'll bring a case of beer as well.
  3. NVR BBQ and White Elephant Game

    Nice. I'll stop by after work. I'm typically off around 1400. So should be there no later than 1600 or so. Ill stop by the grocery store on the way up and pick up a veggie tray and some spinach dip. Are adults allowed to partake in adult beverage consumption?
  4. NVR BBQ and White Elephant Game

    I work weekends...how long do you plan on having people over?
  5. Fish tank stuff for sale

    Damn! Sweet deals!!! That dimmable t5 fixture is going to look awesome over your tank Jose.
  6. Happy Birthday Wishes!!!

    Thanks Don
  7. Happy Birthday Wishes!!!

    Thank you Jose and Will.
  8. Random thoughts...happenings

    Never been a fan of Tapatalk to be honest. On my phone I just browse the forum utilizing the mobile version of the site. It's UI/UX is really slick nowadays.
  9. Random thoughts...happenings

    Yeah, have a Flickr account. Was just so familiar with Photobucket and have years worth of images on there. Guess I'll have to just link from my own private host.
  10. Random thoughts...happenings

    Wow! Photobucket stopped free 3rd party photo hosting? Well that stinks.
  11. New Gold Sponsor, Coralicious Frags!

    Welcome to NVR and thanks for the support. Keep the awesome pics coming.
  12. The New BOD of 2017

    Very nice. I wish you all much success and thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.
  13. BOD Resignation

    Thanks all.
  14. BOD Resignation

    Thank you Neil! I'm sure soon enough my friend.