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  1. Are you just running a single Tunze? I'm a fan of both companies but definitely prefer Ecotech's over the Tunze if it came down to picking one over another.
  2. Ryan M

    WTB Live Rock

    Wish I could brotha. My tank is overgrown with GHA at the moment.
  3. Ryan M

    240 leemar sps dominated

    Killer photos and your growth is amazing brotha! Thanks for sharing
  4. Ryan M

    Moving Tank - Freebies

    Very generous of you. Hope everything goes to a good home.
  5. Ryan M

    SPS frags FS

    Sounds good brotha. Lost almost all my SPS in the last year. Too much neglect and losing the interest. Gotta bounce back...
  6. Ryan M

    SPS frags FS

    I’ll be interested in a pack. Just need to overhaul the tank and get it back in check. Good prices on some really dope pieces.
  7. Ryan M

    Selling Everything

    Are the MP’s QD?
  8. Ryan M

    SPS Grow Out 2018 Sign-up

    I’m in if you can’t fill in the extra spots.
  9. Ryan M

    AVAST ATO for Neptune Apex

    Ryan's favorite meet up spot hahaha
  10. Me too hahaha but my excuse is just not caring anymore
  11. Ryan M

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Winner winner chicken dinner! I started in the summer of 2006. Back then my first setup was a 29 gal “mixed reef” hahaha with a Fluval 205 canister filter, CPR BakPak HOB skimmer, Odyssea 2 bulb Power Compact light, and Rio 600 powerheads. Nice job Myke! Let me know when you’re in Manteca and ready for some frags. I got a healthy zoa frag pack for ya 👍
  12. Ryan M

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Sorry fellas. These are incorrect as well.
  13. Ryan M

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Hahaha should’ve read the other posts
  14. Ryan M

    Miami Hurricane Chalice Frags

    Solid deal!
  15. Ryan M

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

    Maybe a small boat. Pretty sure you have me beat by a few years, Mac.