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  1. WrongGenotype

    Will's Reefer 170

    Lookin smexy... Really like that blasto with the striped face.
  2. WrongGenotype

    Dons 45 Cadlight

    What about attaching to the side of the stand? That way you wont have to have the feet?
  3. WrongGenotype

    Diamond Jack's Red Sea Reefer 525xl

    Love the red sea tanks. The quality of tanks they put out is top notch. This is going to be awesome in 6 months.
  4. WrongGenotype

    NittyGritty's 120g Reboot

    Looks great. Digging the plumbing.
  5. WrongGenotype

    Wronggenotype Shallow 230

    Thanks everyone. Really do appreciate it and humbles me to think that Im motivating someone to step up their game. Happy to share what Ive learned in the process and willing to help any way that I can.
  6. WrongGenotype

    Wronggenotype Shallow 230

    So this pretty much gets me up to date. This was my last update as of 7/20/2017 Blasto Rasta Candy Cane Starburst Rotundoflora WWC Bounce Couple no name Acans Mandarin and Grafted Monti Setosa Suharsonoi Space Invader pectina
  7. WrongGenotype

    Wronggenotype Shallow 230

    OK here is my quasi fts I'll keep working on it...
  8. WrongGenotype

    Wronggenotype Shallow 230

    Couple growth shots. Tri Color 2/18/2016 7/12/17 Walt Disney 6/10/2016 7/12/2017
  9. WrongGenotype

    Wronggenotype Shallow 230

    Couple shots. Red Planet MattV unknown Upscale Microlados Anacropora and Jawbreaker Cali Tort CR Beach Bum IC Blue Dreams Space Invader pectina Persian Carpet and Red Gumdrop
  10. WrongGenotype

    Wronggenotype Shallow 230

    Update time. Tank seems to be doing really well since the last update. Really like Prodibio and have had good success so far. Have not been running gfo since the end of March and nutrients are all within respectable ranges. Anyways enjoy the pics. Red gumdrop UR WD-40 RMF Ultimate Shortcake IC Flambe RMF Diablo Jack o'lantern BBGM Tie-Dye UR Forest Fire UR Berserker RRUSA Pink Floyd MattV Hornet TDF Jawbreaker Rhodactus/ Fruit loop Oregon Tort Bounces WWC Bounce Acan Bonsai Bam Bam/ candy cane IC Mellow Yellow Miami Vice Starburst IC Mellow Yellow RRA Godzilla DC rainbow milli Blue matrix/ tutti fruity UR grafted psammocora Jason Fox Freak Hair MattV unknown Cornbread Fire Dragon BigR Walt Disney IC Jberry LC Space Invader mycedium UR Rising Pheonix
  11. WrongGenotype

    Wronggenotype Shallow 230

    Been a while so figured it was time to snap some pics. The tank is still on the mend but coming along. The purple tang that was added started to get very aggressive so he got the boot and is now a mascot for one of my prop tanks. Ended up taking my gfo offline and started dosing Prodibio bioptim and biodigest. Only one week in so too soon to tell any real results. Anywho enjoy the pics. Pink Lemonade Rainbow Picasso Metallic Rainbow Christmas Mirabilis Bounce Acan UR grafted psammacora BBGM Superman rhodactis RRA Godzilla Red Planet Starburst Miami Vice Rotundoflora BigR Walt Disney Cali Tort Grafted monti/ gatorade Blue Matrix Anacropora Reefwise Lemondrop
  12. WrongGenotype

    Wronggenotype Shallow 230

    Have had a few setbacks along the way with a malfunctioning doser and with the holidays I have been doing more traveling than usual so the tank has suffered. Things are rebounding and beginning to do well again but still have some necrosis on a few pieces. Since the last update I’ve added a few fish lost some pieces of coral and added others. I ended up adding a black and purple tang to go along with my powder blue and white tail. All are doing great and there is very little aggression. I think largely due to the ample amount of room in the tank. Also added a red velvet fairy wrasse. Anyways snapped a few pics. Hope you all enjoy! BigR Walt Disney Rainbows in Spain Bue Matrix/ Tutti Fruity Tie-Dye Rainbow Rhodactis UR Berserker Jawbreaker Tri Color UR Yellow Cyanide Red Planet Rotundoflora Christmas Mirabilis Twizzler Acan UR WD-40 UR WD-40 Rosaria Bonsai Pink Hippo Rock Flower nem
  13. WrongGenotype

    Wronggenotype Shallow 230

    Been too long since my last update so made a video.
  14. WrongGenotype

    Wronggenotype Shallow 230

    Had a local swap and picked up a BigR Walt Disney from Inland Corals and got a great deal from Dynasty Corals. Thanks guys. Had the camera out and took some shots. The PZ Godspawn and WWC Bounce is starting to take off. PZ Godspawn WWC Bounce Shroom Shroom BigR Walt Disney Cali Tort Red Dragon Tri Color Mixed zoas Tutti Fruity/ Rasta
  15. WrongGenotype

    Wronggenotype Shallow 230

    Decided to skin the base. Picked up a sheet of white laminated wood from Ikea's cabinet section and made some doors. Attached them with some door clasps and magnets. Pretty happy with how it blocks out the fuge light at night and also reduces some noise as well.