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  1. i have a 135 gallon tank that is finally ready for large Anenome mushrooms or leathers pm me with pictures and prices
  2. Quickgraffix

    WTB Kenya Trees & GSP

    starting a new tank and i'm looking for both Pm me
  3. Quickgraffix


    im looking for some also
  4. Quickgraffix

    Old Truvu Sump 10g/22g

  5. Quickgraffix

    Neon Green Star Polyp w/ purple eye

    id like to have em can u hold till monday im currently out of area till then
  6. is there a test kit i can buy let me know i want to get nicer corals for my tank but i want to make sure my tank is good first
  7. Quickgraffix

    Rose BTA for sale

    you still have one for sale?
  8. Quickgraffix

    Rose BTA for sale

    post a pic
  9. Quickgraffix

    40 breeder

    HEY jEFFin in dire need mines cracked and its holding together with packing tape
  10. Quickgraffix

    PIF: 20+ polyps of "Green Dust" palys

  11. Quickgraffix

    how long fish can stay in a bag w water?

    happy to say they made it safely to my tank thx guys you were a huge help
  12. im buying some fish tonight but they will have to stay in a bag how long can they sit im bring back here in morning im thinking approx 14 hours from pickup till i get into tank
  13. Quickgraffix

    Getting out everything must GO.

    RODI system please If your parting it out
  14. Quickgraffix

    BRS 5 stage RODI

    tried to PM but you cant rec anymore messages
  15. Quickgraffix

    BRS 5 stage RODI

    i am in need badly