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  1. i have a 135 gallon tank that is finally ready for large Anenome mushrooms or leathers pm me with pictures and prices
  2. is there a test kit i can buy let me know i want to get nicer corals for my tank but i want to make sure my tank is good first
  3. Quickgraffix

    WTB Kenya Trees & GSP

    starting a new tank and i'm looking for both Pm me
  4. Quickgraffix


    im looking for some also
  5. Quickgraffix

    Old Truvu Sump 10g/22g

  6. Quickgraffix

    Neon Green Star Polyp w/ purple eye

    id like to have em can u hold till monday im currently out of area till then
  7. Quickgraffix

    Rose BTA for sale

    you still have one for sale?
  8. Quickgraffix

    Rose BTA for sale

    post a pic
  9. Quickgraffix

    40 breeder

    HEY jEFFin in dire need mines cracked and its holding together with packing tape
  10. Quickgraffix

    PIF: 20+ polyps of "Green Dust" palys

  11. im buying some fish tonight but they will have to stay in a bag how long can they sit im bring back here in morning im thinking approx 14 hours from pickup till i get into tank
  12. Quickgraffix

    how long fish can stay in a bag w water?

    happy to say they made it safely to my tank thx guys you were a huge help
  13. Quickgraffix

    Getting out everything must GO.

    RODI system please If your parting it out
  14. Quickgraffix

    BRS 5 stage RODI

    tried to PM but you cant rec anymore messages
  15. Quickgraffix

    BRS 5 stage RODI

    i am in need badly
  16. Quickgraffix

    MY RBTA is pale

    i think it doesnt like the light coz i places it into a plastic beta box and now its opening up i think the light is too intense for it...thats probably the large part of it ...hes been chomping on the silverside since i placed him in the box ill dull down the lights via a dimmer switch but well see
  17. Quickgraffix

    MY RBTA is pale

    for the last month my RBTA is been staying Small and very pale ...plus the tentacles are very stubby with almost no color and is hiding under a rock ledge i have been trying to feed it Silverside for a few weeks i hope it doesn't die i'm very concerned its my favorite Piece can anyone help
  18. Quickgraffix

    MY RBTA is pale

    tank has been up for about 2 years the only thing that has changed is that i went to led lights from a old power compact setup that has been running the same lights for close to 4 years but the shrinkage has been happening for some time before that ...thats why i bought LED setup and as for size of Anenome when he was happy he would be about the size of a medium dinner plate
  19. Quickgraffix

    Downgrading Tank =/ Part Out! L@@k!

    ill take the hawkfish and perculas
  20. i know randys does a setup and matinence thing
  21. Quickgraffix

    Button paly

  22. Quickgraffix

    WTB Anemone

    Hey all im looking for any Anemone you might be for sale i got room for roughly 5 Anemone im reallyin the market for a carpet Anemone but any larger ones would be good pm me
  23. Quickgraffix

    WTB Anemone

    my tanks been up since u sold it to me derrick i have 2 condys that seem pretty happy and they have been in there since october and like u guys id hate to see it die...our hobby costs $$ ill probably be ready to scoop it in another week or so i have alot on my plate @ the moment
  24. Quickgraffix

    growing KENYA TREE farm

    i have a small tank that i want to grow kenya trees yes i know funny...... would i need to add sand or can i just use big chunks of dead coral for the bed?
  25. Quickgraffix

    growing KENYA TREE farm

    its going to be a different tank i will look into that product Reef Solutions