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  1. Here's my pic of the single head blasto and placement on day of receipt. Sent from my SGH-T399N using Tapatalk
  2. Hello I'm armando.

    Welcome to the club, Mondo! I was there when you won the clowns! Good to see you here and hope to help you out when I can. Thanks, Joey
  3. NVR's 1st blasto grow out contest

    Payment sent!
  4. Glad to see the snails are grazing! Nice new additions from AQSD, too!
  5. NVR BBQ and White Elephant Game

    Can't hardly wait! My wife (4Purple) and I are going! We are bringing baked beans. We have some frags to offer, too!
  6. New Gold Sponsor, Coralicious Frags!

    Welcome Coralicious Frags! Thanks for supporting NVR!
  7. Coral Farmers Market August 5th

    This was a fun event! Thanks for the pictures! There was something for everyone. Prices ranged from $7.50 to off the chart luxury. I was able to add several low end frags to my reef for excellent prices. Fish were available, too. It was good to see NVR represented there!
  8. Happy Birthday Wishes!!!

    Wishing you all a Blasto Happy Birthday!
  9. Coral Farmers Market August 5th

    Good thought on the food and drink! It appears the college campus cafe's are closed on the weekends. There are several food places about 2.5 miles (8 minutes) Northeast on Saratoga Ave. and Prospect Rd/W Campbell Ave. Revisit the link in the beginning of the thread! It is updated with additional information since it was first posted. The link now includes booth locations, raffle items and times, and vendors! Thanks, Joey
  10. frisbee

    Hi NVR, I have positive feedback for frisbee. The tubbs blue zoas are settling in well! Thanks, frisbee! Joey
  11. Officially joining NVR!

    Hi D., Welcome to NVR! I'm running a mixed reef, too. Fun stuff, see you around! Joey
  12. BOD Resignation

    Hi Ryan, Thanks for your direction in the club and may the coming months in your daily life show positive progress! We know you are never far from the club! Take care, Joey