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  1. Braver69

    Members Attention Needed

    MAX never had club booths. We rented a booth with CVR and shared the expense, only RAP had free club booths. MAX shut down for 1 year and their attendance was suffering so we went to just going to RAP. I also felt it was asking to much from the club for two donations of coral plus what they needed for swaps so I talked to CVR and stopped going to MAX, MAX is still a option just have to talk to CVR as they go every year and do well. As for the trip Kim won they gave her the entry, no one registered as anything other then a club and only her badge was paid for by the club as I stayed in another hotel to save the club cash as it was cheaper. She didnt even know about the trip and found the card under her door and invitation to the party below in which she barely made as we had ate dinner before hand. She happened to win and lots of people congratulated her, I heard nothing more about it from anyone and RAP staff had no issue with giving it to her, that is beyond the scope of our control. Were in a club only section of RAP and there is no way they could confuse that as a retailer, so I assume the other clubs that stayed at the hotel were also enrolled in that contest, but we were the only club from far away so we may have been the only club at the hotel. When I contacted RAP about a club booth this year I was told with the new venue they just dont have the room, they however left it open to doing it again. Thats all I have heard and this trip was quite a bit ago.
  2. Braver69

    Members Attention Needed

    A quorum is required for vacancies which is 30 members voting on it, but it matters not, your going to do what your going to do as for Neil try to remember you were the president of a failed club that was not even a registered non profit and accepted donations from a companies and the club was owned by a retail store a serious issue in my mind, so to be honest I could care less what you think Neil. Your witch hunt against Kim is way over the top and if you want to drag me along go right ahead. Funny none of these issues came up during the swaps when I clearly listed TFI as where the coral came from, even the cups. Do whatever you want to do but I see why so few former bod actually stay active in this club.
  3. Braver69

    Members Attention Needed

    I talked to you about this before and it explained it to you. I am out of town so this is the first time I have seen this post. All financials were printed and put in a folder and was picked up by Jose if I remember right. What they dont always say is what someone was paying for, Kim's purchases were reimbursed through paypal back to the club as they only accepted 1 payment type since they are not a retail store, not uncommon for a sponsor to give discounts to people at the store they are at. They gave us $500 in retail value as a donation to the club, I later purchased coral to put out on the tables for swaps to help fill out the tables and hopefully make the swaps more enjoyable for everyone since this is a club all about corals. As for buying local I did try Your Reef but he had little interest in doing the same thing tat TFI allowed us to do. The second time we went down for the Reefapalooza we bought 200 or so in corals as I dont have the numbers in front of me and they matched it. All told this helped us raise money for the club which was reinvested in equipment, corals, raffles and such. As for selecting retail I asked and he said to select that one since they did not have a club option as we have no re-sellers license and he used the ein number for their donations and our purchases. I saw a good option to help the club and we on the bod agreed to use it, just like the donations we got from manufacturers. When i was given cash to reimburse the club I just put it in the cash box after counting it out, we never have had a receipt book for it before and did not worry about it as I made sure the money owed was paid. These will just show up as cash deposits and sadly their just is no way to clear that up and multiple bods have done that before as well. Sponsors were already complaining to me the club was not worth the financial investment anymore, I did my best to work with the ones that would, I am not going to name stores as that is just silly. But several store we bought coral for grow outs, equipment, gift cards and we even did some fish. Now I tried to make these unhappy stores happy with the store tours but people did not really turn out for them and to be honest the Sacramento stores see more business with MARS and 916 so they see even less of a reason to reach out to us when I cant bring them business from the club. I had less then $800 total when I inherited this club which is barely anything, not even enough to do a swap so I did everything I could to raise funds for the club and keep it running despite the crazyiness that had gone on and fractured the club. Will you got the club with $2,000 plus in the account and you and the current bod did nothing for months, except a bowling meeting in Elk Grove, which is odd since this is a Stockton- Modesto based club. Then Ryan finally resigns and you decide to appoint people to the bod which is against the club charter, it was supposed to go to elections again to fill the bod, but you decided to ignore it when it was convenient for you. Also I see no post for elections which are due at the beginning of this month. You accuse the former bod of breaking rules, yet you dont want to follow them when it's not convenient for you. Like I told you with TFI, if you felt that was not a good idea then you were welcome to not work with them. The rest is silly and your adding drama for 0 reason, the club is financially better off then it has been in years and has more equipment that it owns what is hurting is for more members and threads like this wont help that. Also basically having almost no club activities also does not help club membership. I also suggested putting more documentation at local stores to help bring in more members an area where I felt I could have done better, Kim was much better at that then me. Witch hunt if you want but the club is far better off financially then it was before. Sadly the last swap that we did we could only barely break even do to ever lowering turn outs and that was the biggest money maker for the club then Reefapalooza was second for us. No one is perfect but accusing others when you also have done things wrong is not a good idea.
  4. Braver69

    Sacramento store tour #1

    I hope you guys enjoy the trip, it's to close to my vacation and I need to save my money for it. Should be worth the trip especially with a car pool to get there and back.
  5. Braver69

    Members Input Needed

    You could always try what 916 does and that is a buy and sell coral event with a coral auction as well. Might help draw more people, or a equipment and coral swap meet is another idea I thought about last year.
  6. Braver69

    Members Input Needed

    Your going to find it impossible to please every sponsor, especially the Sacramento stores. Money was spent where we could and we worked with those that were willing to work with us. Simple fact is the club itself cant buy stuff from every sponsor and many in the club don't show the club card to the store which then the store has no idea it was a member of ours that purchased from them. Another issue is quite a few will buy from the internet which puts the box stores and the web stores at odds, very hard to please both. I heard the same thing when I was President that you have Will. If you try a swap contact Derek he can help you with the place we used last couple swaps. My biggest suggestion would be to make some posters or cards and advertise us at the local shops as we always need new people to replace those that leave an area I felt we missed on. Sadly with RAP eliminating club tables it took one more revenue stream away from the club, it always at least paid for the forum yearly. Biggest problem I see tho is a big decline in club activity across the board, 916 is far quieter, CVR, MARS have all been pretty quiet and events had small turn outs. Wish I had a answer for you but it eluded me as well. All I can say is forum activity seems to be the key.
  7. Braver69

    New Gold Sponsor, Coralicious Frags!

    Thanks for supporting our club.
  8. Braver69

    NVR's 1st blasto grow out contest

    A Blasto would be good choice.
  9. Braver69

    Officially joining NVR!

    Hey welcome to the club, might want to check out the grow out contest they are talking about doing. Sounds like a nice tank you have there.
  10. Braver69

    Coral Farmers Market August 5th

    I will be racing in Roseville so I will be missing this one.
  11. Braver69

    Trochus snails, $1 each (15).

    Dang wish I had saw this earlier.
  12. Braver69

    A note from the club President

    Will do, been referring to Whodah since I figured he would know which of you were handling things.
  13. Braver69

    A note from the club President

    Is the rest of the bod on hiatus as well? As I have been getting questions that I cant answer since I am no longer on the bod. While I am sorry to hear about your family member Ryan someone needs to take the reigns of the club and that is why we have the other board members. It's funny since I see the board members from this club post on facebook in other clubs that they would stop by here as well.
  14. Braver69


    Flow tends to have the greatest effect on them bubbling up. It does also look like it's stretching, but it should move if it needs more light.
  15. I will be racing on the 24th, July is open tho.