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  1. New Gold Sponsor, Coralicious Frags!

    Thanks for supporting our club.
  2. NVR's 1st blasto grow out contest

    A Blasto would be good choice.
  3. Officially joining NVR!

    Hey welcome to the club, might want to check out the grow out contest they are talking about doing. Sounds like a nice tank you have there.
  4. Coral Farmers Market August 5th

    I will be racing in Roseville so I will be missing this one.
  5. Trochus snails, $1 each (15).

    Dang wish I had saw this earlier.
  6. A note from the club President

    Will do, been referring to Whodah since I figured he would know which of you were handling things.
  7. A note from the club President

    Is the rest of the bod on hiatus as well? As I have been getting questions that I cant answer since I am no longer on the bod. While I am sorry to hear about your family member Ryan someone needs to take the reigns of the club and that is why we have the other board members. It's funny since I see the board members from this club post on facebook in other clubs that they would stop by here as well.
  8. New project. 170 cube

    I see algae reactors are all the rage these days. Seen quite a few pop up for sale or in build threads.
  9. New project. 170 cube

    Thats a big cube. Only down side to a cube is it makes it harder to put bigger tangs in. Perfect tank for schooling fish tho, of course that is assuming you plan to put fish in.
  10. BTA

    Flow tends to have the greatest effect on them bubbling up. It does also look like it's stretching, but it should move if it needs more light.
  11. I will be racing on the 24th, July is open tho.
  12. Jebao CP controller mount

    Thats pretty neat.
  13. Stockton frag swap

    I am pretty sure they wont be doing it this month since there is no announcement. Since they never committed to it i figure they are looking at a different month to have it in, it's not easy to setup this event and you have to try to work with the other clubs scheduling one. Keep a eye out I am sure they will announce one when they are firm on a date.
  14. Clownfish Breeding set up

    That came out nice. Lori and I need to stop by and check it out.
  15. Random thoughts...happenings

    Boats, the only thing to eat money faster then a ex-wife. They are a ton of fun tho, my race car is also good at eating cash as well.