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  1. Arron

    CFM 2019

    I was there!
  2. Arron

    2019 Board Nominations

    I nominate Pumped to be club president. I will self nominate myself as Vice President if he accepts.
  3. Arron

    2019 Board Nominations

    I ran in the past, that time there were more people running for board positions also. If others want to step up and help lead with me, I’d be more than happy to run again.
  4. Arron

    Starburst Monti Frags

    I have a few Starburst montipora frags for sale. They are orange with yellow polyps. $15 each.
  5. Arron

    2019 Board Nominations

    NVR was the club that got me into reef keeping. It's sad that the club and website aren't seeing any activity lately. There are a ton of great members in here and I know we can turn it around!
  6. So I’m trying to open a coral store online and I was wondering if I could put the nvr logo on my web page

  7. $10 a frag, pick up in Modesto. Frags are about 1.5"x1.5" and have 10+ eyes each
  8. Thanks! Payment sent!
  9. If you want I can just PayPal you for it also?
  10. Yeah I tried that too, both on my laptop and mobile.
  11. Sorry, there is a problem You are not allowed to renew this purchase. Error code: 2X212/4
  12. Store won't let me purchase the membership either. Says I've already purchased it and can only purchase one.
  13. Thanks bro. It’s coming back better than before.
  14. Sorry it’s been a while guys. Been trying to keep up with the tank for the past couple months but it’s been on the back burner since I’m back in school. Here’s a FTS for January: