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  1. Bay City Reef Supply

    new guy

    Welcome to NVR! There is alot of experience between all the members of this club. Feel free to pick all of our brains. You've come to right place.
  2. Bay City Reef Supply

    Innovative Marine Nuvo 40 Fusion

    Very Impressive! Nice work
  3. Happy thanksgiving to everyone at NVR Don't forget to stop by baycityreefsupply.com for 15% OFF all Bubble Magus & Seaside Aquatics products until 11/30. Salifert test kits are also 15% OFF until 11/30 At checkout Use Coupon Code: thanks Danny
  4. Bay City Reef Supply

    Gryphon AquaSaw Diamond Band Saw

    New To BayCityReefSupply.com We are now selling the Gryphon AquaSaw Diamond Band Saw. Find out more details on our site here: http://bit.ly/1lbVFZ9 Gryphon Aquasaw Features:Simple construction with few moving partsNew High Speed Motor for fastest cutting availableDirect drive - no belts or pulleysPowerful anodized motor located on top, away from the waterHigh Quality Stainless Steel Diamond Coated bladeHuge water reservoir under the work surfaceOne square foot of unobstructed work surfaceUnder table blade guide and new blade guide above table.Stainless Collars for wheelsStainless Shaft and Lower Block iodizedStainless BladeMotor: 1/3 hp Direct Drive DCMaximum Clearance: 2.5" (3.75" with Upper Guide Removed)Blade Speed: 40 mphPlatform Area: One Square FootWeight: 18.0 lbsCoolant System: Recirculating tap waterCoolant Reservoir: 10 inches by 9 inchesTension Adjustment: Single Knob - Semi-automaticBlade Dimensions: 37" circumference, .020" wide, .140" deepWarranty on saw : 1 year
  5. Bay City Reef Supply

    Members only swap prize! Apex

    Congratulations that controllers is one of the best out there
  6. Bay City Reef Supply

    New Tank Build

    Nice tank julie!
  7. Bay City Reef Supply

    Planecrazy build

    Looking good over there. It turned out nice!
  8. Bay City Reef Supply

    ATI 48" 6x54w Dimmable Sunpower Fixture

    I have a lightly used 48" ATI Dimmable Sunpower fixture up for sale. Its current bulb lineup is 4 blue plus, 1 aquablue special and 1 coral plus. Retail is $620.00 I'm asking $500 for this fixture with all the bulbs in it. These bulbs have about 4 months on them.
  9. Bay City Reef Supply

    $10 Frags For Sale

  10. Bay City Reef Supply

    New Sea Side Aquatics Dosing Pumps

    Hey everyone, Check out these new Dosing pumps from Sea Side Aquatics. They are very similar to the Bubble Magus Dosing pumps and have the same warranty, 1 year on the Controller and 6 months on dosing pump heads and tubing. Until the end of the month NVR and CVR customers use coupon code Doser and receive 10% off of these items. http://www.baycityreefsupply.com/product-p/ssa-dp3.htm http://www.baycityreefsupply.com/product-p/ssa-dp4.htm
  11. Bay City Reef Supply

    Used Kessil A360w & A350W for Sale

    Both sold. Please close Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2
  12. Bay City Reef Supply

    Used Kessil A360w & A350W for Sale

    Pm sent Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2
  13. Bay City Reef Supply

    Used Kessil A360w & A350W for Sale

    I have 1 A360W and A350W with goosenecks up for sale over here. They are both in perfect working order. Asking $600obo. I would like to sell these together if possible Here is a pic
  14. Bay City Reef Supply

    Looking for Chaeto for high phosphate issue

    PM sent
  15. Bay City Reef Supply

    Looking for Chaeto for high phosphate issue

    I just shut down a tank the other day and I gave a gallon bag full for you. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2