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  1. boop916

    Boops 14 gallon biocube!

    A few update pics new Additions! More to come!! small gold bar maroon 2 rose bubble anemones Orange tip green bubble anemone red acan freebie from the nvr meeting
  2. boop916

    green hammer

  3. boop916

    Green frogspawn

  4. Hello all just wanted to start a build thread on my 14 gallon biocube. It has been up and running for a few months now and ive been collecting quite a bit of coral..Im mainly into zoas and palys.. heres my specs and some pics!! specs: 14 gallon biocube Oceanic protien skimmer 1 nano koralia Upgrade maxijet return pump Cree led fixture chaeto and liverock in overflow livestock: 2 Damsels 1 bulls eye pistol shrimp Mini CUC Pics are from my phone will post better pics of tank when my camera charges..
  5. boop916

    Randy's Rockin Raffle for November

    1. S_luark 2. Patty 3. Archie 4. Anna 5. on388 6. ClownfishLex 7.eric209 8.rockie209 9. Sante210 10. poolman 11. wright4941 12. noDelaunay 13. Daniel G 14. Diamond Jack 15. Loki Degaul 16. Blackadept 17. jeffblly 18. Neil 19. Jooce01 20. Aqualover 21. Boop916
  6. boop916

    FS: SA Fancy white clownfish

    Is it still available?
  7. boop916

    Randy's Rockin Raffle

    1.Box209 2.sante210 3.Neil 4.Cpt Cautious 5.crazybassist7 6.IB23103 7.Kim 8.eric209 9.rockie209 10. noDelaunay 11. Jooce01 12. demo916 13.Patty 14.inlandreef 15.lazyreefer75 16.s_luark 17. Algae Farmer 18. fastrd400 19. c&bbrass 20.CadetShik 21. Boop916
  8. boop916

    Pokerstar Monti (SPS)

    Pm sent
  9. boop916

    Aqua SD Group Buy

    for now put me down for a green maxi mini. I might be adding more:)
  10. boop916

    Introducing Oreo & Double stuffed!

    Thanks everyone! But I might have to replace them with some snowflakes that im going to win.. Lol
  11. boop916

    Introducing Oreo & Double stuffed!

    after endless nagging from demo916 i finally gave up my maroon clown in our 70....... but.... he replaced them with with 2 black & white clowns!!! i named them miss-bar one Oreo and the full-bar one Double Stuffed!!.. they are tank raised and are already hosting our rose bubble we got from James here is a video!! http://s23.photobuck...t=VIDEO0054.mp4
  12. boop916

    Liveaquaria Order

    Alrighty:) I have to work at 4 but ill have demo916 pick it up for me:)
  13. boop916

    Free Damsels

    PM sent
  14. boop916

    Jellies, no peanut butter please

    Ive bought one as a a gift in the past and I had a really good experience with them!