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  1. Tank and stand are free. You pick up. DOES NOT including lights, pump, skimmer
  2. DerekFF

    Kessil 360 programming

    ^ my 3000'th post btw!! Woooo
  3. DerekFF

    Kessil 360 programming

    You can ask Jess from Diablo Corals. He's been running Kessils since he opened shop. I'm sure he could give you a good idea
  4. DerekFF

    Infinity Coral

    Last call. He's shipping to me on Monday. He lowered prices on all $20 frags to 15.
  5. DerekFF

    Infinity Coral

    I have an order coming from Infinity Coral. He's throwing up 15% off in honor of John Glenn. Use the code "Orbit"and you can piggy back on my order for free shipping.
  6. DerekFF

    Random thoughts...happenings

    No liquid rock is like 350. My Stockton water has always been around 150
  7. DerekFF

    Guess who is back....

    I'll actually have a tank for 2017 and be back to stopping by the shop!
  8. DerekFF

    NVR Christmas Party

    Me solo
  9. DerekFF

    Kauai vacation video

  10. DerekFF

    Rainbow inferno

    Ohh dang Robb. Havntseen you post here in years
  11. Yah still available. Price reduction $400. I'll throw in the rockwork on the right side and I also bought a custom Jester6 piece for the left side I'll throw in also that's never seen water. I'll have to look around the garage for it's box though.
  12. DerekFF

    55 gal corner tank

    Price is required
  13. DerekFF

    8/6/16 ASD sale Group Buy

    I'm in. I'll pm you