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  1. Looking for pretty much anything at this point! I need to get some corals in my sons biocube this tank is in his room he's only 3.. his favorite color is green! so I all ready figured some GSP at least but haven't been able to find any locally unfortunately.. but like I said I'm looking for pretty much anything well almost anything I have all ready found hot wheels that mysteriously got in the tank so needs to be something hardy until I can be sure he won't decide to turn his tank into an underwater parking garage
  2. 8r4nd0n

    20 long PIF

    Got a 20 long up for grabs to anyone who will take it I'm located in Modesto
  3. 8r4nd0n

    20 long

    Just got my tank set up this weekend been working on this for a few months and this is what I have so far 20L drilled herbie style overflow with 20L sump Running a current usa orbit marine LED fixture CPR backpack just set inside the sump until I can get my new skimmer Phosban 150 being shipped should be here in a few days I've never used one so any suggestions on what to media to run and what pump would be good would be awesome DIY stand nothing fancy and not very good looking but it works for me I made it so I can take the entire front panel off and one side panel to get to the sump and equipment very easily when needed DIY ATO in the works going to be using a RO float valve to control the water level and a 3 gallon jug mounted above the sump all gravity fed simple cheap and effective from what I read and another reason I made the side panel removable so I can easily fill the freshwater right from the side il post pics when it's all set up and let Ya know how well it works Looking to upgrade the skimmer and the sump in the future when my funds allow me sorry I don't have a lot of pictures I just got a new phone and need to get on my computer to get the rest but here is what I have on this phone
  4. 8r4nd0n


    In the process of getting my 20 long setup complete just starting to search for some softies zoas anything really to start getting it stocked up won't be buying for a little while but want to know what I can get before I head to the LFS thanks
  5. 8r4nd0n

    In sump skimmer

    Looking for an in sump skimmer with a pump let me know what you got
  6. 8r4nd0n

    Looking for reactor

    Want a small reactor would like a pump with it but if not it's ok just wanna run some carbon
  7. Hey guys I'm setting up a new system and downgrading from the 55 I was reaching out for ideas I'm trying to make this an easy tank to maintain I'm building the stand myself and including access panels so I can get in from the front and side so I'm taking any ideas I can get plumbing lighting stand sump let's hear it! Only thing I have so far is the tank and some wood for the stand.. I want mostly coral maybe throw in a pair of clowns and my fire shrimp I need enough light for just about anything I can fit in my tank so what equipment would you recommend
  8. I'm not 100% sure I'm setting up a 20 gallon long this is my first step in my build maybe 1"? I could use some input I have always used hang on overflows and they have gave me nothing but trouble so out with the old in with the new any help would be great!
  9. I want to get my tank drilled for an overflow anyone know of any places near Modesto that could do it?
  10. So I'm needing to downsize from my 55 I'm running currently to something a little more manageable it will be set back up later on down the road but this time I'm trying to do coral only maybe a pair of clowns and a fire shrimp that's about it so with space this is what I was thinking as far as set up 20 gallon maybe a 20 long Lighting - kessil or 30" Metal Halide + T5 346W Now this is where I'm unsure should I bother running a sump? Or go for a AIO set up? I want this tank to be as easy as I can get it to be with the downsize I all ready eliminated a huge quantity as far as water changes save me a ton of time mixing Also what type of filtration ? With a low bio load should I run a skimmer I'm going for a easy set up here as far as maintenance I know there is no "easy" but as easy as I can make it for myself i need some opinions since I'm downsizing might as well get the best bang for the buck and make that tank look amazing any help would be appreciated
  11. 8r4nd0n

    $5.00 frags

    Il take a sunset and the chalice if still available
  12. 8r4nd0n

    Frag Packs

    Still have the first pack?
  13. Looking for some new stuff started a new tank and gave all my old corals away to friends and family so looking for a variety of corals just got my tank running again looking a little plain with just live rock haha So let me know what you have and how much your looking to get for it must be located near Modesto I'm willing to drive for it if it's not too far Gsp,frogspawn/hammer,sun polyps,mushrooms,Clove polyps anything similar just the basics for now in about a month or so il be looking for some acans,chalice ect. Thanks for reading