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  1. box209

    NVR's Christmas Party 2017

    Pics or it didn’t happen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. box209

    2018 Board Nominations

    My nominations are Cjscott for president Will864 vice prez Lilhoesay secretary Nitty gritty treasurer Roots communications officer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. box209

    Random reef items

    Updated with more items and lowered prices on existing items Up for sale are some items I've been hoarding and with me getting out it's time to let them go. I will only hold with PayPal payment I can meet next Saturday Or pick up is more than welcomed. All items have been tested and are fully functional unless stated in description #3 black sticker full apex with wireless wifi adaptador and 2 eb8's. The display port does not work, I used my tablet and phone to work the apex $220 #4 brand new dsa 65g tank drilled with the glass holes overflow kit comes with all plumbing 80 #6 Aquatic life halo led less than 1 year of use $100 #7 nextreef 3 chamber sump dimensions 30"/16"/16" $75 #9 nextreef nxs recirculating skimmer brand new never used needs a feed pump it's a big skimmer rated for up to 300 gallons $150 Will add more stuff when I go through everything If you need pics feel free to ask Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. box209

    Will's Reefer 170

    Wonder who was holding all that fire for you [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. box209

    Name change

    Roots???? Na bring that Favio name back!
  6. box209

    Coral Farmers Market August 5th

    I was able to snag some beers [emoji481]does that count???
  7. box209

    Bay area Coral Farmers Market

    Nvr repping!!!!!
  8. box209

    Let's go bowling!

    Fun times with the nvr fam
  9. box209

    Let's go bowling!

    Heading out to reserve the lanes with Jose
  10. box209

    Equipment help.

  11. box209

    Weird clownfish behaviour

    Or it just hates it lol
  12. box209

    Weird clownfish behaviour

    It could be testing it out to see if it would be a suitable host?????
  13. box209

    Dons 45 Cadlight

    You can look up on YouTube in how to set it up
  14. box209

    Dons 45 Cadlight

    Pretty easy setup
  15. box209

    My 29 gallon tank

    Backgrounds make a huge difference, I wouldn't setup a tank without one.
  16. box209

    Dons 45 Cadlight

    I wouldn't run a tank with out this ato. Best one on the market Forsure
  17. box209

    155 gallon build

    Tank is coming along nicely Pedro, what fish do you have in there currently?
  18. box209

    How to spray paint stainless steel?

    Ever considered powder coating?
  19. box209

    Random thoughts...happenings

    What size you looking at now? I'm going to go with the Red Sea Reefer 525xl. I couldn't get it out of my head and don't want to regret getting the smaller tank. Initially when I started planning my build it was like a 50 gallon cube. Things progressed quickly from there. Its still going to be a while until I have all my gear together. I keep waiting and trying to snag things off my list when they are on sale. Someone nees to put reef octopus stuff on sale so I can snag a varios. Go big or go home!
  20. box209

    New Biocube 32 saying hi!

    Welcome to nvr nice start to your first saltwater tank! There is a club based out of Redding I Believe it's called R.A.R.E. I would go and check out Redding's newest saltwater store nor cal reefers and ask them about the local club.
  21. box209

    Red Sea tester help

    Best thing is to keep your parameters stable, your corals will be much happier if you parameters don't change constantly. Chasing numbers will only lead to headaches. Are you dosing anything currently and also what salt are you using?
  22. box209

    Julie's 125

    I spy the white tail [emoji16]
  23. box209

    Purple Gorgonian

    Awesome gesture Julie
  24. box209

    macroalgae filter chaetomorpha reactor

    Yea only 4 days to get full
  25. box209

    macroalgae filter chaetomorpha reactor

    Turf scrubber putting in work