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    Salida ca
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    Freshwater discus tank and aquascaping. I also am a carpenter and enjoy building furniture.
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    45 gal freash water discus tank
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  1. Peyton Pushies

    Wine barrel tank stand

    Well the tank is up for sale and I can build other stands or hoods. http://centralvalley.ebayclassifieds.com/furniture/salida/wine-barrel-aquarium-stand/?ad=27861517
  2. Peyton Pushies

    Wine barrel tank stand

    Well it is done and available. Let me know what you think http://www.flickr.com/photos/91137130@N05/
  3. Peyton Pushies

    Wine barrel tank stand

    Ok some more new pics.
  4. Peyton Pushies

    Wine barrel tank stand

    So some more progress on the stand. Gluing up the barrels and getting the tops and bottoms cut. The radius ends are cut and caps for them are made. I am thinking of staining some of the outside of the barrel with red wine to give it the purple look that is on the inside of the barrel. Should I do just a little in purple or a large area? Another thing I was thinking of doing was painting the metal bands black. Yes or no?
  5. Peyton Pushies

    Jellies, no peanut butter please

  6. Peyton Pushies

    Second Tank Build

    put some pics up mike
  7. Peyton Pushies


    still looking?
  8. Peyton Pushies

    120g tank setup

    Still available if so whats left
  9. Peyton Pushies

    Jellies, no peanut butter please

    Good thing they have such an attentive mother.
  10. Peyton Pushies

    Wine barrel tank stand

    Got some more done with the stand. The second barrel is in half and the staves are getting glued together. The stave for one side all clamped up
  11. Peyton Pushies

    Wine barrel tank stand

    More photos as promised. I have sanded the pickets on both sides and am getting ready to join the pickets together and make them all one piece. I am also getting ready to cut the other barrel in half to make the two ends. The center around the Bung hole will be the door and the two ends will also halve doors for better access. I am planning to make the doors round to add some more detail to the build.let me know what you think and if you have any ideas feel free to add them too. .
  12. Peyton Pushies

    I finally got my own account

    Hey Kim hows it like to be your own voice.
  13. Peyton Pushies

    Wine barrel tank stand

    The Stand will be 34 inches high and the tank will sit at 32 inches
  14. Peyton Pushies

    Chegman's 135g Peninsula

    Nice looking build. Great stand framing too. Keep up the good work.
  15. This is for the aquarium stand that I am building. This stand is not for my tank. Not enough room. I am using two wine barrels and some additional material to make this stand. The plan is for it to hold a six foot long by two foot deep tank with the back open. The inside will be open for sumps filters and storage with doors at both ends and one in the middle. This is a work in progress so more will be added as it develops. This stand may be available to purchase when it is complete. It is to big for my tank and I am hoping to use the profit to fun my tank upgrade.