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  1. anthonyvyeda

    Lowboy Frag tank for sale

    sorry, I didn't realize you were so sensitive. I was only pointing out that this is a California reef club, and I said good luck with your sale. once again, glws
  2. anthonyvyeda

    Lowboy Frag tank for sale

    lol, really?? glws
  3. anthonyvyeda

    Lowboy Frag tank for sale

    hey just wanted to let you know this is a California reef club and no one is going to pick up local in Michigan.
  4. anthonyvyeda

    SPS Frags FS

    how large is the green slime? text me 2098989029
  5. anthonyvyeda

    2019 Board Nominations

    I hate to say it but nvr is dead, I check it daily and the only post are from premium aquatics which Is in another state. maybe the current BOD should consider closing down nvr and donating all equipment and money to BAR or another local club. not trying to be rude or insult anyone but this is reality!!
  6. anthonyvyeda

    Selling Everything

    How much for everything? Text me 2098989029
  7. anthonyvyeda

    LF - 36" T5 fixture

    I have a 36 inch 8 bulb ati sun power for $240
  8. anthonyvyeda

    chalice sale

    Whats up man, text me 2098989029 id like to know what the pack price is. Thanks
  9. anthonyvyeda

    57g rimless tank/stand/skimmer/lights/sump $500

    What a nice guy!! GlWS
  10. anthonyvyeda

    Dons 45 Cadlight

    Nice, how many gallons?
  11. anthonyvyeda

    Welcome 2017 Board of Directors

    Congrats everyone!!! Not to get off topic but where have you been Neil!! I haven't seen you, Colin or Wade on here in about a year!!
  12. anthonyvyeda

    Random thoughts...happenings

    Congratulations!! A lot of new babies this year, my son was born at the end of October.
  13. anthonyvyeda

    Bubble magus dosing pump $120

    I would like to get rid of this. Tank is down, and a new ones not going up next week!!
  14. anthonyvyeda

    Bubble magus dosing pump $120

    3 pumps bm-t01
  15. anthonyvyeda

    Bubble magus dosing pump $120

    Works great, it was used for about a year. $120 pick up from stockton to the bay.