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    Custom AGE 156 gallon 3 sided starfire glass front and sides. PVC bottom Acrylic Euro braced top ¾ inch all the way around.
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  1. FS: SUMP and UV

    UV sold mods please close
  2. FS Aiptasia eating Filefish

    Sold mods please close
  3. Fish trap

    if you haven't caught the fish yet I have one, but it has a fish in it right now. You are welcome to borrow it once I get rid of the fish. I'm located in Brentwood though little ways though about an hour each way. Pedro
  4. I have a Aiptasia eating filefish fs $20 cleaned up almost all he Aiptasia Started picking on my flower anemone. Fish is located in Brentwood I have It in my fish trap pickup only.Thanks,Pedro
  5. Orange bubble tip Nems for sale or trade

    I would be interested if you still have one available.
  6. Nice tank to make your comeback with. Congrats Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  7. Dons 45 Cadlight

    I have the water level sensor on one magnet and the alarm on the other magnet mount. If you put them on the same magnet the alarm will go off when you turn off your pump.
  8. FS: SUMP and UV

    Sump is sold UV is still available
  9. 155 gallon build

    Forgot the powder blue tang Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  10. 155 gallon build

    Alex currently have 4 tangs purple,Desjardin sailfin, white tail,Fox face,two Picasso clowns, copperband butterfly, male and female goby pair,3 female flame wrasse, 2 Leopard wrasse,1 male Katoi wrasse and a aphasia eating file fish that I will probably get rid of soon because I would like to get a clam and I was told they may pick at the clam Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  11. 155 gallon build

    Here are some current picture of the setup
  12. 155 gallon build

    Pictures once I finished the Aquascape I used Emarco 400 to fuse most of the rocks together.
  13. 155 gallon build

    Some pictures of the tank once it was plumbed.
  14. 155 gallon build

    Progress once the stand was finished and finally got it in the house
  15. Tank has been setup for a year now here are the specs. 155 gallon AGE 60" X 30" X 20". Starfire glass on three sides regular glass on back PVC bottom and Plexiglas Euro braced top. 3/4" thickness on all sides, tank itself weights 400 lbs. Aquarium originally came all the way from LA but I picked it up in Santa Rosa. Stand was built by my Friend Kirk whom is a welder.Stand is 43" tall had it powder coated black. Equipment. Apex, HY water blaster 5000 return pump,OM 4 way with Reeflo dart for closed loop. 2 x Next media reactors on for gfo one for carbon, Jabao dosing pump, 2 X Radion Gen 3 Pro 1 x Gen 2 Pro Led, Skimmer is an ATB 840 tunze auto top off.I found a Trigger systems sump in CL for a decent price.The build took me a lot longer that I would like but it is finally started because we moved and were remodeling the house mainly had to get the floors done before setting up the tank. Here are some pictures of the build