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  1. Couple of stick picks. Tanks finally starting to work with me a bit. Hope these guys take off Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Will846


    Works for me on iPhone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Will846

    DC SPS grow out tracking thread

    This is posted for Mark Fagundes
  4. Will846

    DC SPS grow out tracking thread

    Dang. Had a horrible time trying to get a pic. First tried with a clear ruler. That failed miserably. Had to bust out the tape measure. Little less then 3/4”
  5. Will846

    DC SPS grow out tracking thread

    Right on. Looks like your off to a good start.
  6. Will846

    DC SPS grow out tracking thread

    Yours looks happy. Was this before or after the chalice attack?
  7. Will846

    DC SPS grow out tracking thread

    Come on bro. Give it some time to settle in. Mine looks pretty rough also. I did a heavy dip ad it was not happy.
  8. Will846

    SPS Grow Out 2018 Sign-up

    Ok everyone. Pics are due today in the tracking thread. I pinned it on the grow out page. Let’s get them in.
  9. Will846

    2018 Bay Area Store Tour

    WOW, what a trip. Had an awesome time with the NVR crew. The bay never disappoints. Wanted to thank all members that where able to make it and showing the support to our sponsors. We started our day at Diablo Corals. Jess provided us with our SPS grow out. Which bye the way is 🔥🔥🔥. If you didn’t join you missed out. Jess definitely stepped his game up at his new store. If you haven’t been their you should check it out. Second stop was California Reef Co. I personally have not been to this store in a while. But Anthony and Matt did not disappoint. I think we all took part in the buy 3 get one free deal. Had a huge selection of SPS fragged and ready to go. I definitely will be back for some sticks. Third stop was Neptunes. Robert and crew did an awesome job at their new location. And as always it was a fight at the $10 and $20 sps tank. Love the knowledge we get from Robert every time the club comes bye. From. His display tanks at the front to the fish wall in the back he had ya amazed. Definitely a must stop if your in the area. Last stop was Clear Water Aquarium. Ed is working hard getting his store established. And he’s doing a hella of a job. Tons of high end shrooms, awesome deals on coral and fish. Plus Ed is really down to earth and easy to talk to. Really makes you feel a home. If you haven’t made it out their you should. I think we need to get back to the twice a year store tours to both Sac and the Bay. I had a great time. Hope everyone else did. Couple of pics we took at each stop. If you took more pics please post in the comments. — with Don Giovannoni and 6 others.
  10. Will846


    Still doesn’t work on IPhone.
  11. Will846

    2018 Bay Area Store Tour

    Ya. We planned to meet their but not enough interest in the van.
  12. Will846

    New to NV Reefers

    Right on. I’m on the verge of ditching all my softies and going all sps.
  13. Will846

    2018 Bay Area Store Tour

    It is the first time we are starting this early. Just hard fitting all the stores into one day. I did verify with Jess at Diablo. He will be open for us.
  14. Will846

    SPS Grow Out 2018 Sign-up

    Last spot left. Pickup is tomorrow. If you can’t make it message one of the board members to schedule a pickup.