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  1. eddie209

    Back Again

    I am slowly coming back after a break away from the hobby. Starting to add piece by piece. S of now just have my sump and ro/di. I don’t have the tank yet. Looking to get a 120 gallon. Can wait. To get wa5r in the tank.
  2. eddie209

    Future of NVR

    Maybe some kind of advertising is needed. Post on Craigslist, the various Facebook groups. Stop at the local sponsors make sure tha5 they have there NVR poster up and visible. Need to bring in a new crowd.
  3. eddie209

    Future of NVR

    I don't think its the fee. It's only $20. For some reason there is no activity here.
  4. eddie209

    Other fish everyone keeps

    700 gallon above ground pond with BOG.
  5. Are these skimmers made for the Red Sea tanks? I will be getting a skimmer soon, was looking at these, more towards the RSK600. Is that too much for a 120g? How do these compare to a Reef Octopus?
  6. eddie209

    2019 Board Nominations

    How did it turn south?
  7. eddie209

    2019 Board Nominations

    This is sad, I always come back every now and then to see whats going on. I don't have any tanks anymore. On another note If you are paying $660 a year to run this site, you are getting screwed.
  8. eddie209

    High end mushrooms

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  9. eddie209

    20 Gallon Rimless

    Kessil A160WE
  10. I am back after being gone for two years. Made a dumb decision and sold everything off. Now I get to start over. I had a 20 Gallon Rimless AquaJapan laying around. I had used for my planted setup. Just going to run a Tunze 9004 Skimmer with no filter. Will be doing weekly water changes. I have 3 Koralia Nano Powerhead (425 GPH). Wish I got the bigger one.
  11. eddie209

    Back after 2 years

    Just a 20 gallon for now. Not 100% sure on the light yet. Just filled this afternoon. I will have some pictures when it clears.
  12. eddie209

    Back after 2 years

    I wish I had room for a 120. Looks like a few of us took a break. I wish I didn't sell off my old equipment.
  13. eddie209

    Fish Store Map

  14. eddie209

    Fish Store Map

    I will have to update this
  15. eddie209

    Recent Topic block

    I like the updated forum. Can you add the Recent Topic block to the side? Makes it easier to find new topics.