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    Tank and Ho trains
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    75 gallon MiX Reef
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  1. Jgomez324

    Just me OR

    Does it look like this to others on tapatalk? Pics?
  2. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!
  3. Jgomez324

    NVR 3rd Annual Frag Swap 4/27/13

    If this purse I ordered my wife comes in by Friday my chances of making it will double!!!
  4. Jgomez324

    DIY frag rack (noeil)

    Is that magnet holding up strong? Hate wasting my float mag to hold up a couple frags?
  5. Jgomez324

    Hello NVR

    Couple pics
  6. Jgomez324

    Hello NVR

    Hello fellow reefers!! Currently running 75 gallon mix reef. T5 LED combo Been addicted to reefing for about 11 months.