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  1. DDRM

    Tunze equipment for sale

    Skimmer Sold 6055’s and 6040’s still available
  2. DDRM

    Tunze equipment for sale

    Skimmer $225 Both 6055’s $220 Both 6040’s $140 Thanks
  3. 1 - Tunze Doc Skimmer 9410 DC controllable $250 2 - Tunze Nanostream 6055 powerheads controllable $125 each 2 - Tunze Nanostream 6040 powerheads controllable $80 each All purchased new with about 8 months of run time. In great shape and work perfectly. Thanks
  4. Going Big. Need this little tank gone. Don’t be shy make an offer.
  5. Elos 120xl tank 48” W x 31.5” D x 20” T Elos stand Ice cap sump 36” x 18” x 16” $2500 O.B.O. Thanks
  6. DDRM

    FS: JB babies

    When can I get one of these Ryan ?
  7. DDRM

    WTB Live Rock

    Thanks for the offer but I have plenty of dry rock. Just need a small amount of live rock.
  8. DDRM

    WTB Live Rock

    Looking for a small amount of live rock covered in coralline. Let me know if you have some to spare. Thanks
  9. DDRM

    FS Leemar Cube, Stand, Canopy

    Everything $550 Like new system for an incredible deal I can't believe someone hasn't grabbed it, well over $2k retail value
  10. DDRM

    FS Leemar Cube, Stand, Canopy

    $650 for everything if picked up tonight or by noon tomorrow
  11. DDRM

    FS Leemar Cube, Stand, Canopy

    Adding Sump, Metal Halide Light fixture, and Bulkheads to original post So, Tank, Stand, Canopy, Sump, Light fixture, and Bulkheads $800 or best offer
  12. Leemar Cube 36"x36"x25" 1/2 inch glass tank, Eurobraced, Back center overflow box Wood Stand and Canopy Dont be shy to make an offer, Please don't throw out a ridiculous low ball offer Will consider partial trade for dry goods $800 Or Best Offer Thanks