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  1. reef80

    FS Leemar Cube, Stand, Canopy

    Any pictures???
  2. reef80

    WP-25 Wave Maker for Sale

    Pm sent
  3. reef80

    California Reef CO. Feedback

    They are one of the best...if not the best IMO..gonna put a dent in my wallet soon but bring a smile to me...
  4. reef80

    saltwater ich

    Nobody is to blame but me...I've lost many fishes to not qt and never again will I put a fish in my display without qt. If they don't make it through qt then they won't make it through the display...and likely will kill everything. Treat everything like it has parasites or dieases...you will be more happy in the end...I applaud what lfs have to put up with. Even they loose fishes from the wholesalers...good luck to all.
  5. If you are looking for a pump then try eheim 1260 or 1262...depends on how much flow you need. I just got a 1262 and it's so quiet for 2x the amount if flow
  6. reef80


    Man that's mess up...you guys don't deserve nothing like this...jacked up!!!
  7. reef80


    Sticks sticks sticks...
  8. reef80

    240 leemar sps dominated

    Didn't realize how big it was...then I saw the yellow tang and was like wowzers....great tank.
  9. reef80

    Store Visit 3/21

    Everything was cool...then there was the 10cent charge for the plastic bag and was told that it was "A san jose thing"...lol
  10. reef80

    Juvenile Hippo Tang

    I got some montis and sps...what kind you looking for?
  11. reef80


    Yeah...the grow out piece in the display had me sold..the blue is insane and its started to table...imagined a red planet but blue...yikes!
  12. reef80


    Thank you guys for always hooking it up...can wait for that blue planet to table...
  13. reef80

    Tr1ggers 100G Artisan II

    That is a sic lookin tank my friend!
  14. reef80

    A few nice fish for sale

    I knew your name would pop up as soon as I saw this...Neil will take good care of your fish...get them get them so I have more reasons to come check out your oasis...
  15. reef80

    LF/WTB: Purple tang and Kole tang

    Twins has purple on his bottom tank and powder blue...I got two and put them through quarantine with copper and they are now in my display. Trust that they all have ick and velvet but they do well in cupramine. Powder tangs are guarantee to have parasite...good luck.