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  1. Discohai

    Premium Aquatics 1000 Subscriber Giveaway

    I have my fingers crossed.
  2. Discohai

    FS: JB babies

  3. Discohai

    Sacramento store tour #1

    This sounds fun. I enjoyed the last store tour with you all, but I'm flying out that day. Bummer.
  4. Discohai

    CVR Spring/Summer Open Frag Swap

    Small swap, but very enjoyable. Especially since I won the Apex...haha. Did you go Griz?
  5. Discohai

    CVR Spring/Summer Open Frag Swap

    Bobs and I might try to head down.
  6. Discohai

    Free LPS to local reefers

    Super cool of you. I would be interested in a Torch. I have tons of zoas that I can give you in return.
  7. Discohai

    Random thoughts...happenings

    Nice. What made you go with the Tacoma and not the Tundra?
  8. Discohai

    Rainbow hornets?

    I have a small colony of them. Some are closed because I tried to pick them up.
  9. Discohai

    Coral Farmers Market

    Bobs and I are going.
  10. Discohai

    What do you guys want?

    Maybe another DIY fish/reef food get together.
  11. Discohai

    450 gallon setup for sale ($5,500 OBO)

    That's a big boy!
  12. Discohai

    Random thoughts...happenings

    I might have a reef keeper lite laying around somewhere, but I have to make sure it works first.