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  1. Discohai

    CVR 2018 Fall/Winter Open Frag Swap

    Sweet, I haven't been to a swap in awhile.
  2. Discohai

    PIF: Tyree Neon Green Toadstool

    How big do they get Ryan? I've always like them but I'm losing real estate in my tank haha.
  3. Discohai

    LC "Avatar" Mycedium

    That's pretty interesting looking.
  4. Same. I don't like seeing wires.
  5. Discohai

    Premium Aquatics 1000 Subscriber Giveaway

    I have my fingers crossed.
  6. Discohai

    FS: JB babies

  7. Discohai

    Sacramento store tour #1

    This sounds fun. I enjoyed the last store tour with you all, but I'm flying out that day. Bummer.
  8. Discohai

    CVR Spring/Summer Open Frag Swap

    Small swap, but very enjoyable. Especially since I won the Apex...haha. Did you go Griz?
  9. Discohai

    CVR Spring/Summer Open Frag Swap

    Bobs and I might try to head down.
  10. Discohai

    Free LPS to local reefers

    Super cool of you. I would be interested in a Torch. I have tons of zoas that I can give you in return.
  11. Discohai

    Random thoughts...happenings

    Nice. What made you go with the Tacoma and not the Tundra?
  12. Discohai

    Rainbow hornets?

    I have a small colony of them. Some are closed because I tried to pick them up.
  13. Discohai

    Coral Farmers Market

    Bobs and I are going.