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  1. 60 gallon cube

    Sent pics to about 10 people and had many flakes I'm sure everybody understands first come 1st serve
  2. 60 gallon cube

    Sold please close
  3. 60 gallon cube

  4. 60 gallon cube

    Still avaulable pm me
  5. BTA

    I bought this nem with bubbles as a rainbow but since has lost its bubble tips and i feel like it needs more light. Currenly running 90w radion xr15. It looks like its streching in the pic. Hate to part but id like to see it like it was when i bought it. It has almost trippled in size.
  6. Coral ID

    I got the 2 for 50 deal
  7. Coral ID

    Ok cool i thought these were zoa/ paly and not blasto lol
  8. 60 gallon cube

    I have a 60 gallon deep blue reef ready cube that i dont use anymore. Its like new like new no major scratches. It does need a good cleaning. It would come with whatever extras you want like rock ,2 dual t5 light fixtures ,Square acylic sump, skimmer or powrrheads. Hoping someone is interested here. 200 for tank stand and canopy plus whatrver extras you want. Price is negotiable if you go with extras. PM me for pictures.
  9. Coral ID

    I dont feel like takimg canopy off right now but its open now.
  10. Coral ID

    Bought it from carters. He couldent tell me the street name. He said its a blasto but idk. This is the best pic i could get on phone
  11. Truvu sump

  12. Truvu sump

    The sump is rough and needs deep cleaning from sitting outside. 30x16x16 dual 7 inch sock text for pics 2097370428
  13. SCA skimmer

    SCA-301 used for little over a year. Asking 50$ pm or text 2096740411
  14. Live rock

    I have about 50 lbs of live rock. Real reef and pukani mixed.asking 80$ some came from my display and some from sump. Text 2096740411
  15. I.D.