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  1. blue18


    New bucket of instant ocean makes 160GAL New box aquaforrest makes 220GAL Take both for 40
  2. blue18


    What you see is what you get. 2 recently changed brs carbon blocks and particle filter. I have an extra bag of DI that will come with as well.75$
  3. blue18

    Jbj chiller

    1/10 hp works good.200$obo
  4. blue18

    Marine land 93 gallon cube and equipment

    bump - parting out LMK what you need
  5. Items left: 93 gallon marine land cube with all overflow parts. homemade stand and canopy. with led inside (see pics).----- 300OBO Trigger systems emerald-26 sump.100OBO Smart ATO auto top off.--40 Jecod dcs-3000 variable return pump.-60 jebao rw-20 wavemaker.30 Live rock t is currently in Rubbermaid can being kept "Alive" about 50 lbs--50 please serious inquiries only. Text is best 209257307seven
  6. blue18

    2 fishies

    Mods its sold please close
  7. blue18

    2 fishies

  8. blue18

    Various LR

    Sold mods please close
  9. blue18

    Various LR

    Sale pending
  10. blue18

    2 fishies

    Update I still have the royal blue tang if you take him I will throw in a free GBTA and peppermint shrimp! Come get it all for 20$! Or free to anyone that has gave me anything free in the past
  11. blue18

    Various LR

    Its about 30 lbs real reef/ pukani and maybe another mixed in. Asking 20$ taking down my tank soon. Will need to be cleaned and cured. 1st come 1st serve. Have a great day reefer heads!
  12. blue18

    2 fishies

  13. blue18

    2 fishies

    Bump 40 for both