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  1. blue18

    2 fishies

    Yes 2097915514 text me
  2. blue18

    2 fishies

    Bump 40 for both
  3. blue18

    Brand new apex never seen water for sale

    a price is required
  4. blue18

    2 fishies

    Ok 50 obo for both
  5. blue18

    100 gallon cube

    I'm waiting for the sale of the livestock but sure I can edit this one
  6. blue18

    100 gallon cube

    Mods Please close I am going to repost with pics and details.
  7. blue18

    2 fishies

    Hey I have a regal tang and a Wyoming white clown for sale. Would like to sells a pair as I will post my 100 gallon cube for sale soon. Make an offer on the fish I really dont remember what I paid. I'm not going to flush them so any offer would be appriciated. The regal is about 5 inches long and the clown is about 3 inches very fat and heathy. http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a550/bluetang18/images 1_zpsmqj7bikw.jpeg http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a550/bluetang18/download 1_zpsm687qih3.jpeg
  8. blue18

    100 gallon cube

    https://www.dropbox.com/sc/3x4y4xalg7h5mph/AABuKVQiHLCf04goH_JeINwya https://www.dropbox.com/sc/ox64qxbprf6z0m3/AABee_bFZdN2WXcVOuvqsG0Ua Pic update
  9. blue18

    100 gallon cube

    I haven't taken pics but would anyone be interested in a marineland Rimless 100 gallon RR cube. Current livestock is a Niger trigger,blue tang, ice clown, bandid shrimp, anemone and some zoas. It's been neglected last few months and it needs a good home. Pm if interested. Looking for 600 with all variable speed pumps skimz skimmer and ecotech radion lights.
  10. blue18

    60 gallon cube

    Sent pics to about 10 people and had many flakes I'm sure everybody understands first come 1st serve
  11. blue18

    60 gallon cube

    Sold please close
  12. blue18

    60 gallon cube

  13. blue18

    60 gallon cube

    Still avaulable pm me
  14. blue18


    I bought this nem with bubbles as a rainbow but since has lost its bubble tips and i feel like it needs more light. Currenly running 90w radion xr15. It looks like its streching in the pic. Hate to part but id like to see it like it was when i bought it. It has almost trippled in size.
  15. blue18

    Coral ID

    I got the 2 for 50 deal