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  1. I have my 150G tank with a double 20G sump. I'm looking into purchasing an in-line UV. I plan to adapt my return line and add the UV there. My return line is 3/4" PVC and want to use threaded PVC pipe to complete the project Any thoughts on size, as in the wattage? What is a good, but not too expensive of a brand?
  2. Looking to sell or trade for frags. $15.00 for 20 leaves. Works great in your refugium. Will attach to rocks or you sand bed. Great to feed your herbivour like tangs.
  3. DeadEye

    Looking for Chaeto in or near Stockton, CA

    I have a lot of chaeto and leafy algae. Call me 209.361.0548.
  4. I have e been growing this name for about 6 months now. I just got my lighting sprung on Saturday, it is a great way to show your aquarium is healthy. From the time you put one in your system, if you aquarium healthy it's plumes will come.
  5. Your reef has very cheap small colonies for sale for $25.00 while supplies last.
  6. I am looking for a 55 GAllon open top plastic drum, that has small thread bunk holes. If you know where I can get them cheap. I don't come in here that often so, Please call me. 209-361-0548
  7. I have a whole lot of Cheato, for any one who needs it. I also have Caulerpa prolifera for trade if interested
  8. I have some, Caulerpa Prolifera for sale or trade. you'll get 1" of it for $10.00 (at least 4 feathers-leaves) I also have Chaetomorpha Algae 1 cup (compressed) for $10.00 I am will to trade or sell
  9. I have one more Orange bubble tip Anemone. AKA, Sun Burst Anemone for sale. asking $50.00 each or work out a trade, They grow fast and slit often if feed properly. I will give you the info on how to feed them. This photo is similar to mine, do to where mine are at, in my tank, I can't get a good photo of them. I do not get in here to the forums to often. It will be better if you call me direct. My Ph# is 209.581.4390
  10. DeadEye

    WTB Golf-Ball Sized Chaeto

    Still look for chaeto ? I have a lot call if your need some. I'm in Stockton 209.581.4390
  11. DeadEye

    WTB a 1/2" piece of Glass

    Are you plugging old sump hole in the tank? If so your better bet is to use threaded bulkheads and silicon them inplace.
  12. I have a slightly used . I bought it for My saltwater reef tank about a few months ago. since then I decided to go a different direction with my system. It has a 1" threaded bulkhead (capped off) on the return side, that can be opened and used for a return. The out side measures 37"L x 16"W X 18" T (exterior measurements). This has a rating for 225 gals. and a max flow of 1200 gals. Brand new it goes for $470.00 am asking $150.00 or trade for fish and/or corals. you would need a return pump for it. better to call me if your interested. 209.581.4390
  13. DeadEye

    How to spray paint stainless steel?

    You should use a high quality, high heat automotive primer and paint.
  14. I have a 3 nems. I want to trade or sell, 1 or 2 of them for fish or corals. I will let you pick between the 3, if we can make a deal. I don't have pics yet. If you are I interested, please call me, 209.581.4390.
  15. DeadEye

    Corals for sale $5 and up

    Hi Kim. Do you still have frags for Sale? If so I'don't like to see what you have. Please give me a call 209.581.4398 Thnz scott