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  1. Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    Oh, that one looks rough.
  2. New project. 170 cube

    Grabbed some new coral and an urchin yesterday. Starting to see a little hair algae and bryopsis pop up now that there isn't any herbivores in the tank other than some Hermit crabs and snails. I did a reboot of the 25g and some of the soft corals are going back in it next week. Anyhow, here are the new additions and some more recent pics. Picked up my grow out blasto and an acro frag from Your Reef as well as a nice chunk of chalice from aqua Workz.
  3. Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    My blasto (1 polyp) and the sps frag I got
  4. Euphyllia Frags

    Negative. It's the common brown with tan tips.
  5. Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    It was nice meeting some members today. I had a migraine so I wasn't very social but I look forward to seeing you guys again at the BBQ. Picked up a nice sps frag from your reef then stopped at Aqua Workz on my way home and dropped off some float valve mounts and bought a beautiful chalice frag. I'll try to get some pics tomorrow.
  6. NVR BBQ and White Elephant Game

    I think it's just going to be me and my daughter that day. Let me know what we need to bring
  7. Euphyllia Frags

    I have some torch.
  8. Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    I'll pick my frag up at the shop on Saturday.
  9. Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    Ok. I'll probably just go to your reef
  10. Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    I might be able to get to the shop, I need to drop off some prints at Aqua Workz anyhow. If not, what's it look like for central valley pick up?
  11. 60 gallon cube

    He is difficult to communicate with
  12. NVR's 1st blasto grow out contest

    Yeah, 36"x36"x30" is more difficult than I expected. Love it though. Doesn't help that the stand is 30" tall too.
  13. NVR's 1st blasto grow out contest

    And it's a barebottom tank so I don't even get that extra inch or so of sand. If I have to reach the center of the tank I might as well go swimming.
  14. Jose's SCA 100

    I had a 10b powermodule. My only complaint was the lack of control.
  15. NVR's 1st blasto grow out contest

    Renewed my membership and paid for my frag. I'm. Looking forward to this. It's definitely going to live on the frag rack though so I don't have to try to reach the bottom of a 30" tank to get pics of it lol