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  1. GrizFyrFyter

    Looking for box

    What size?
  2. GrizFyrFyter

    New project. 170 cube

    Been working in the bay area one day a week so I picked up some coral from Neptune yesterday. I'll take some better pics another day, these were right when the lights came on.
  3. GrizFyrFyter

    DC SPS grow out tracking thread

    If only there was a way for everyone to have the same measurement device. Say, one that said NVR Grow Out on it. If only CAD and 3d printing was an accurate enough technology for it...
  4. GrizFyrFyter

    Miami Hurricane Chalice Frags

    These are still available, I have them.
  5. GrizFyrFyter

    how to check your pH and Alkalinity

    There are smart phone aquarium log apps that will match color for you. Works well.. I have a Seachem alk/ph test kit you can have. I'm not using it.
  6. GrizFyrFyter

    DC SPS grow out tracking thread

    You can count me out. I'm just not interested in this coral at all. It looks terrible. On another note. I have 20 big chunks of Miami hurricane chalice if the club wants to start another grow out soon.
  7. GrizFyrFyter

    100 gallon cube

    Why not update your original post with the info in pics?
  8. GrizFyrFyter

    2 fishies

    A price is required
  9. GrizFyrFyter

    FS/T Reef Octopus DC 5500 Skimmer pump

  10. GrizFyrFyter

    New project. 170 cube

    My daughter's tank is making progress. I printed an overflow for it and started flowing water.
  11. Brand new power supply and running great. Has venturi fitting and needlewheel impeller. I'll take a better picture when I get home. $100 obo Happy to trade for coral or even 2 boxes of salt.
  12. GrizFyrFyter

    Home made fish food

    It's time to make a new batch of fish food. I use a little spectrum pellet, some chopped Nori, squid, octopus, shrimp (table and mysis), a little fish (usually salmon), garlic extract, reef rods and reef chilli and cut and blended into pretty small chunks. If anyone is interested in getting some I am happy to make some extra portions if you chip in a few $.
  13. GrizFyrFyter

    New project. 170 cube

    New anemone, New acan and a new Pic of my jawbreaker
  14. GrizFyrFyter

    2018 Bay Area Store Tour

    What I brought home