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  1. Algae Farmer

    RAOK: Zoa Pack

    A Boat Load
  2. Algae Farmer

    Caulerpa Prolifera Marine Algae

    Just some info from ca.gov “Nevertheless, the threat of new infestations will continue for as long as Caulerpa is sold, distributed, and used in aquariums. Although it is now illegal to possess, sell, give away, and transport Caulerpa taxifolia and several other species of Caulerpa in California, such activities continue.”
  3. Algae Farmer

    NVR's Christmas Party 2017

  4. Algae Farmer

    BOD Resignation

    Damn, did I miss something here?
  5. Algae Farmer

    Taking a break

    Man that bites. Another reason I love my low maintenance tank. (Actually I wouldn't have to be gone for a "wee bit") ?
  6. Algae Farmer

    Discount Code expired

    The discount code for Rapid LED expired on 12/31/15. Are they still a gold level sponser? I'm ready to place an order and I would like to save the 10% if I can. Thanks
  7. Algae Farmer

    Black or Dark Blue Buckets

    Or, put your buckets in a black yard bag.
  8. Algae Farmer

    Bubble magus dosing pump $120

    What's the size?
  9. Algae Farmer

    Random thoughts...happenings

    Very cool.
  10. Algae Farmer

    Reef A Palooza Donations

    Is it ok if I drop my donations off with Kim?
  11. Algae Farmer

    NVR & BAR grow out photos

    Still 4
  12. Algae Farmer

    Blue Angels 10pp today only

  13. Algae Farmer

    Reef A Palooza Donations

    I have a couple of nice Green Tyree Toadstools for you.
  14. Algae Farmer

    NVR & BAR grow out photos

    Still @ 4