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  1. Suohhen

    Newbie: LED Question

    Yeah what Griz said about the 'black boxes' is true, they are ok but definitely not made to last and also have a risk of catching fire. In the price range they are talking you can get a top end led such as Kessil. If they are offing you something you can't find elsewhere it is likely not worth it, if you can find a better price elsewhere then it is up to you as to whether you want to support the store or not.
  2. I don't prime the pH. I just start the flow through off at a very slow rate, around 30 ml/min and the bubbler to around 30 bubbles/min. From there adjust bubble rate to reliably maintain pH while minimizing cycles. To increase output adjust flow rate and bubble rate by around the same percentage.
  3. I would definitely recommend keeping the ph around the highest reading for your medium. Regarding the apex I always set things up to reduce cycles, so you may want to have it turn on at 6.8 and off at 6.5 ph or something like that. Also perhaps more importantly you probably want to have your apex monitor tank PH to prevent accidents. I have the same reactor and it can certainly put out way more than a tank your size needs so start slow.
  4. I don't know much of anything about diy LEDs, but I would caution that a full spectrum light is wasting a lot of its output and has the potential to cause unwanted algae growth, but then again I have never really believed much of the hype about spectrum and I certainly don't think a supplemental light running for only part of the day will cause algae issues. I would recommend to start with something like zoas and see how it goes. Regarding flow you may want to aim for a rotational 'gyre' type effect.
  5. Suohhen

    Protein skimmer upgrade

    Reef Octopus is a very solid skimmer. Vertex and Skimz make better skimmers but they are all great. The problem with skimmers is that there is no standard measurement. They claim that they are rated for X gallons, but those measures mean next to nothing.
  6. Controllers have such a wide range of benefits so it is hard to sum everything up. Imo the main benefits are feed mode, redundancy, and having all your timers/controllers together. Every controller can perform these two basic tasks. The reason why people dish out so much for the Apex is that it is actually not much more expensive to do that than it is to buy a controller for your Leds, Powerheads, Return pump, calcium reactor, heaters, ect and is able to send you alerts when something is wrong. Also it gets pretty messy to try and stuff all that equipment together. On a small tank you will have far less need for those added benefits and as such a full Apex is overkill but if you have the money and are planning on up sizing you may consider it. However given the price difference I would definitely recommend a Reefkeeper Lite.
  7. Suohhen

    Carter's Pet Mart MANTECA!!!!!

    Yeah it is great that they finally have a good pet store in Manteca. They are quite nice and helpful.
  8. Suohhen

    120 tank

    If no one wants it I can sell it for ya and split the money.
  9. Suohhen

    The Build!

    I have a Kessil H380 and it is absolutely fantastic. I would recommend no less.
  10. Great progress in your fight against algae. Shouldn't be long til the algae is gone completely. Regarding the Clownfish, as I said it is my opinion that they can be very problematic in terms of adding new fish. They don't necessarily chase other fish around or act like other aggressive fish, but I think that is part of what makes them deceptive. I mean as you said your other fish hides all day. The biggest reason I believe these things about Clownfish is because it is a very common narrative that people either buy Clownfish first or are left with them after their other fish die off. So I have spoken with countless individuals who have had this issue. But yeah certainly any established fish can be very problematic, it is possible I am biased against Clownfish.
  11. In my experience Clownfish are extremely territoriality aggressive but only threaten anything at the edge of their territory. The problem is given enough time they will claim everything as their territory if they go uncontested, especially in a nano tank. I personally add Clownfish last to any tank that does not contain truly aggressive mates and would only try adding larger fairly aggressive mates if anything to your tank, which is a non starter to begin with considering nothing larger than a Clownfish is suitable for a nano tank. Dottybacks are far too aggressive imo, but Grammas might be okay and are probably your best bet, but I would worry about their aggression as well. The only thing I would be comfortable adding would be another Clownfish but definitely get the algae under control before adding anything. It is so hard to recover from an algae outbreak, you don't want to give yourself more obstacles. Regarding ich, there is a really good pinned thread on ReefCental which covers everything you would ever want to know about it.
  12. Suohhen


    Solid advice Griz, and heck yeah on the fuge, they have so many benefits not the least of which is that they can out compete algae in your main protecting you even if you have a nutrient spike. A word of caution with the bioballs and other filter media, they are a problem in the long run as they're nitrate factories. However, fish mortality is definitely a large issue with new additions so I am not completely against the idea of running filter media until they get established, as long as you combine this with frequent large water changes which are easy to do on a nano tank. Also Marinepure is a great alternative if you wish to run filter media in the long term.
  13. Suohhen

    Members Attention Needed

    Very well said MisterReefer. Also Braver, what a uturn from a failed offensive to a full defensive without even trying to discuss the issues brought up but rather throwing around a lot of hearsay which seems rather difficult to verify. I might be inclined to believe some of your account if it weren't for the demeanor you have demonstrated. Also of course the events are claiming to not have space, that is the kind way of saying they don't see enough value in letting us in.
  14. Suohhen

    Apex help

    If you can access your Apex on your computer you can use it to check your display settings to make sure the unit is set to use that display and no others.
  15. Suohhen

    Members Attention Needed

    Is anyone sure that it was this club's actions which caused RAP to drop club booths? It is sadly common that a few bad apples in all the clubs in the area have ruined the pie for everyone.