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  1. bbmuteman

    Pair of kessil a360's

    Buy them singly or as a pair. I'm the original owner. Used about two years and never above 50% whites. Leaving the hobby. Comes with gooseneck, 90 degree adaptor, and auxiliary cable for linking. Sold the spectral controller already. Take both for $400. 220 each. One is an a360we and the other is an a360ne. Pm me for pictures.
  2. Title says it all. I'm looking for a 100 gallon to 150 gallon tank and stand. I'd prefer glass. Let me know what you guys have. Thanks!
  3. bbmuteman

    Welcome 2017 Board of Directors

    Thank you previous BoD, and welcome our new benevolent overlords.
  4. 1. Gourmet Jumbo Crab Ravioli 2. Garlic Shrimp Capelini 3. The Half and Half
  5. bbmuteman

    Anyone else a tea drinker?

    Try dragon well. I think it's delicious.
  6. bbmuteman

    NVR Christmas Party

    Trying to get Hai and Lak to go. I'm in at least.
  7. bbmuteman

    Free bucket of 7 inch filter socks

    Still available? if so, I'll take them.
  8. bbmuteman

    Reef Foundation B

    Unopened box of reef foundation b. 10 bucks, and it's yours.
  9. Hello all, Title says it all. I have a new, still shrink wrapped Neptune dosing reservoir for sale. I'd like 170 for it. Please feel free to make me an offer. I can meet in sac, elk grove, stockton, or somewhere in between.
  10. bbmuteman

    Reef A Palooza Donations

    Well, better to have the frags early so they can grow out and heal.
  11. bbmuteman

    Reef A Palooza Donations

    I'll have Lak cut my coral for me. I've got stuff for ya'll. If it's cut ugly or mounted poorly, blame Lak.
  12. bbmuteman

    Sacramento Store Tour 9-24-16

    I actually like the yuma I got better. I can't wait to see what color it really is.
  13. bbmuteman

    Sacramento Store Tour 9-24-16

    There's the bad boy.
  14. bbmuteman

    Sacramento Store Tour 9-24-16

    Who got the Interstellar... <-------