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  1. Debbie Lajoie

    NVR New Years Party

    We had a great time. Enjoyed getting to see everyone. Great prizes! Such a wonderful party. Thank you BOD for putting this together and for all your hard work. We love our NVR family!!!
  2. Debbie Lajoie

    Steinhart Aquarium & Behind the Scenes Tour!

    Thanks BOD for putting this trip together. We had a great time. Always great to spend time with our NVR family. Hopefully Steve can get his few pics posted within the next week.Thanks again.
  3. Debbie Lajoie

    NVR Members Only Swap Nov 21st

    We had a great time. It was an awesome swap!! NVR rocks!! Like to say a big thank you to all the BOD, volunteers, vendors for such a fantastic day. Your hard work is very much appreciated! As far as the new raffle tickets go, such a genius idea. Thank you for that, it made it so much easier. It was great to see eveyone.
  4. Debbie Lajoie

    NVR roots RAOK

    Congratulations Derek!
  5. Debbie Lajoie

    NVR roots RAOK

    1. ajgaxiola52 2. Hai 3. thisbert01 4. Jamaral031781 5. Grizfyrfyter 6. Favio 7. DerekFF 8. Bbmuteman 9. SevenStars07 10. Merith 11. Kim P12. Braver6913. Poolman14. Debbie​
  6. Debbie Lajoie

    The 2015 NVR Open Swap

    As I said before, I feel coral selection was quite good this swap. We got 5 out of 6 bonus corals, without doing bonus round, and our band color was near the end. And to be able to pick a bonus coral on our last round, has never happened before. NVR swaps are pretty much like all the other swaps. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't. I feel we had an excellent swap. My concern is trying to fix all the problems, that are common in any swap. How much extra work are we asking to put on our BOD? We need to remember, these people volunteer their time and energy to make these fun events happen for us. I worry that if we ask to much of them nobody will want to be on the BOD. Then we will have no club or forum. Or if we make swaps a lot more work, it could be reduced to one swap a year. And personally I feel NVR swaps are some of the best. We have a new BOD, and they definitely pulled off the excellent swap NVR is known for. Quantity of people that came was a little less, but that could have been because of Memorial weekend. That affects the quantity of corals. But even with less people it was a great swap. Even with Steve in pain and hurting and feeling so bad , he had a great time and felt it was a great swap I was going to say having a club tank was asking to much. Didn't realize Derek kept one going. This means he is doing the upkeep and providing electricity etc.. Thank you Derek for keeping it for the club. But I still feel it is to much to ask for him to take in corals ahead of time for the swap or grow out corals and its not necessary, as well as asking everyone to make an extra trip to drop them off. I believe if people have extra corals to share, they could be brought to the swap and placed on tables as extras. I have seen people check in at other swaps. They check in, turn in their corals for the swap, then say these are extras and they are gladly accepted. Anyone can share extra corals they have. But realistically how many will do that. As far as putting pictures on the cups, I really don't see how this is going to help reduce much for mislabeled corals. And yet it makes another job for someone to print out for those who can't or not willing. As far as not getting the higher end corals on your picks, they are bonus corals. So if you are lucky to get one, that is the bonus. Not everyone has them. It takes time in the hobby to acquire them if you don't have funds to get them. Patience helps.That's what even makes it more fun when you do get one. Swaps are suppose to be for fun, not necessarily what you take home. Remember we are not going to please everyone. I know we are all trying to help make the swaps even better, but we do need to take into consideration how much more work we are asking of the BOD. We as members can ask ourselves, what can we do or willing to do, to make it better.
  7. Debbie Lajoie

    The 2015 NVR Open Swap

    Wow Joe, I don't know what tables you were looking at or if you were at the same swap, but we didn't do bonus because Steve was on his feet for 2 days and wasn't going to swap. I was pouting so he thru together some corals the morning of the swap just so the kid in me could swap. Out of our 6 corals we picked 3 were bonus corals. 2 of the 6 were on other clubs bonus lists. So really 5 of 6 considered bonus coral. Even bonus coral on my last pick. Maybe we were lucky. By the way I don't know much about corals but I do know, birdsnests are not lps, they are sps.
  8. Debbie Lajoie

    The 2015 NVR Open Swap

    We too have gotten our fair share of mislabeled corals. Not just NVR swaps, but pretty much seems to happen at most. Yes, it can be disappointing and somewhat frustrating, but that just the way it goes. For one mistakes happen, for some they might have been misinformed, and yes unfortunately there are dishonest people out there. But we always bring home something we don't have. Don't let this spoil the hobby or the club. I always thought swaps were a social event. For fun and sharing with others. Not necessarily you get the same value or quantity in return. Kinda like buying raffle tickets, its disappointing when you don't win anything, but thats just part of the fun. Well, not winning is not fun, but hopefully you get what I mean. Swaps have a way of bringing out the kid in me. When swapping, I feel like a kid in a candy store, I get to pick out anything I want. And then can't hardly wait till my next turn. Steve knows, he has to put up with me. Ideally I'd like a wrist band of every color. Then I have to remember I have to share. But really swaps and the hobby are more about sharing. Sometimes I think we forget that. We went to a swap for a club that was their first swap. We brought bonus corals. When went to pick, there were no bonus corals up there ( don't know about sps, cause we weren't doing sps yet.), yea it was disappointing, but we made a few people happy with what we took. That's what made us feel good, along with meeting new people to share the hobby with. Sometimes at swaps you take 3 corals and bring home 5 or more. This time we took 3 and brought 3 home. Swaps always very, as far as what you get, but its just for fun. And the best part is getting to see the friends you've made in the hobby. My thoughts on bringing the coral weeks or a month ahead of time, I just really think its unrealistic. For one, just more work and inconvenience for the BOD, and for people that have to travel to the swap is really unfair. We go to swaps now that if we had to take the coral ahead of time, ( a 2 or 3 hour trip) I'd tell them their crazy and we'd never go. So that really limits the people and coral selection. As far as inspecting each coral to be sure that's what it is, that would be really nice and yes CVR did it at their swap we went to. But that is a lot to ask and to put on the BOD. We'd have to have a walking, talking coralpedia. Swaps appear to be a ton of work and we so appreciate all the BOD does to make them happen. I'm sure they don't need more to have to do. Besides people are only human, so mistakes could still happen. For swappers reading this, if you want your zoas to be open at the swap for others to see what their getting, Merith mentioned in a previous post about gluing the frag plug to the bottom of the cup. This really does work. We've left in the morning for San Francisco for doctor appointments, driven around the city in traffic and delivered zoas to there new home in the evening and there still open when we get there. As far as mislabeled frags, a list could be made of the people mislabeling after each swap. Then our wonderful BOD could speak with them. And if their name keeps popping up, ban them from the swaps as someone had mentioned. Don't know if it's worth the work or not, a non BOD member could be the contact person and make the list and then give it to the BOD. I would hate to put more work on our BOD. We just have to remember, sharing is most important. Sometimes we share more and get less and sometimes we share less and get more. Oh well, just my thoughts. Besides I don't have many posts up, so figured I was due for another one.
  9. Debbie Lajoie

    The 2015 NVR Open Swap

    A big thanks to the BOD for all your hard work. We had a great time, was good to see everyone.
  10. Debbie Lajoie

    Random thoughts...happenings

    Happy New Year everyone!!!
  11. Debbie Lajoie

    Nvrs 2014 christmas party

    Thank you NVR, past and present BOD, For such an awesome Christmas party. We really had a great time, and was great to see everyone. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!
  12. Debbie Lajoie

    Please welcome the 2015 Nvr Bod

    Congrats everyone!
  13. Debbie Lajoie

    November 15th NVR members only frag swap

    Had a great time at the swap. It was nice to see everyone. Thank you BOD and everyone for such a great swap
  14. Debbie Lajoie

    40 breeder build

    Nice, awesome photo!!!!
  15. Debbie Lajoie

    Nvr/Cvr Late summer Bay Area store tour

    We had such a great day. Thank you NVR, Neptunes, Reef Raft, and Diablo corals!! You all made it an awesome day. We got some cool corals. It was great hanging out with everyone!