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  1. joeman1881

    Selling Everything

    Just an update....I still have the following: -AI hydra 26 - $180 (not available until livestock is gone) -Diablo xs160 skimmer (pump needs to be replaced/repaired) - $100 -BRS Carbon/GFO kit - $50 -Vortech mp10 with Original box - $120 -Roughly 100lbs of live rock with random coral
  2. joeman1881

    Selling Everything

    No, they are the regular units that came out right before qd.
  3. joeman1881

    Selling Everything

    Hey all, I haven't been able to keep up on my tank for a while now since we had our first kid. Finally took it down yesterday, and setup a temp system in a livestock bin. -90 Gal with left off center overflow (includes durso overflow pipes and glass tops) - $120 -4ft tall Black Oak Stand - $100 -2 AI sol's black housing (with boxes) - $125/each or $240/both -AI wired/wireless controller (with box) - $40 -AI hydra 26 mounted in sump/frag area - $180 (not available yet) -40 gallon 3 chamber homemade sump - $50 -Diablo xs160 skimmer (pump needs to be replaced/repaired) - $100 -BRS Carbon/GFO kit - $50 -Vortech mp40 with Original box- $160 -Vortech mp10 with Original box - $120 -Roughly 100lbs of live rock with random coral....prices when i get pics... I’m going to try and give everything a couple of days to recover and make sure all is healthy before I post livestock….Let me know if you have any questions. I will try to get some pics up asap.
  4. Hey guys, I haven't been able to keep up on my tank for a few months now since we had our first kid. Just throwing it out there...would anyone be interested in a complete setup? -Roughly 100lbs of live rock -90 Gal with center overflow -2 AI sol's and ceiling hanging kit -AI wired/wireless controller -AI hydra 26 mounted in sump/frag area -40 gallon 3 chamber homemade sump -Diablo xs160 skimmer (pump needs to be replaced/repaired -Eheim 1262 return pump (i believe) -BRS Carbon/GFO kit -Vortech mp40 (2yrs roughly) -Vortech mp10 (2yrs roughly) There is a ton of healthy coral (also a massive chunk of GSP), a lavender tang, a black ice clown, 2 banded starfish that I've had for like 9 years, and a couple of lurking damsels. 2 rbta, jack-o-lepto, and in the sump a miami hurricane that i bought in the group by here that needs some TLC as it's a little bleached, but it's like the size of my hand almost. The whole tank needs a little TLC, but up until lately when the skimmer pump seized was self maintaining (aside from the water changes). Just thought I'd throw it out there for $1200 in case anyone was interested. I can help with disassembly as it's obviously still running and will help you load. I will also throw in any chemicals, gfo and carbon supplies I have. Trying to avoid taking it apart if possible. I will try to get some current pics up tonight. The pic attached was a year ago, and the tank is not nearly this happy looking. The clam has also since been sold, and the sump pic is when it was freshly installed about a year and half ago. $1200
  5. joeman1881

    90 Gallon livestock or complete setup

    This setup is still for sale. If anyone's interested in hardware and everything id probably be asking around $1200. Just throwing it out there. Kid on the way, don't have time for my tank right now
  6. joeman1881

    90 Gallon livestock or complete setup

    Lathrop Thanks!
  7. joeman1881

    90 Gallon livestock or complete setup

    Request pics...can't seem to get my pics to the correct size....
  8. I have a bunch of coral for sale...Unfortunately, I just don't have time for my tank right now, so I will be selling off all of it over the next few weeks. Below I have coral ID's and prices...I will try to post some general photos, but text if you don't see what you're looking for.Available:-Deresa Clam 5"+ when open fully - $120 - SOLD-Orange bam bam zoas 50p+ - $50-Jack-o-lepto - 1-1/2"+ - $80-Neon Green candy cane colony - $60 - SOLD-Neon Orange Yumas - $40-50-Green Rodhactis colony - $40-Sour Apple Palys - $70 - including 5lb live rock it's attached to...-Purple tip Frog spawn - $20-60 small or large piece-Octospawn - $20-30 small or large piece-Captain America Paly 12p+ - $40-Green Ricordea Mushroom - $10-Random orange encrusting monti - $10-Rose Bubble Tip Anenome 3-4" - $50 including rock it's attached to-Button Polyp Paly colony - $10-Rock with Pulsing Xenia and 6" Captain A palys - $50-Miami Hurricane Chalice 20eyes+ (needs a little tlc with lighting, but still growing fine) - $125-"YR Ironman Unknown" coral (also needs lighting tlc) - $30-Green Star Polyps (GSP) - $10Don't be afraid to make me an offer! Also willing to sell my whole setup...asking 1500. Including all coral listed +: -2 AI sol Black housings -Hydra 26 -MP40 and MP10 -90 gallon with center channel overflow -4ft black oak custom stand -40 gallon diy sump with frag chamber -Diablos xs160 -100lbs-ish of LR (I have a couple of really nice large pieces) -Eheim 1262 Return pump (I believe) -BRS GFO Carbon reactor and pump -Lavender Tang (I believe) -a pair of Black ice clowns -filefish -couple of damsels, couple of chromis -2 10"ish banded starfish I think that's everything....Not looking to part out any equipment until the tank is empty. Feel free to contact me with any questions via PM. THANKS, -Joe
  9. joeman1881

    Hydra 26 for primes

    I'm sure this is a longshot, but any chance anyone would be interested in trading their two primes for my hydra 26 black? Its less than a year old, and just too much condensed light for my needs...great fixture though!
  10. joeman1881

    Show me your clam!

  11. joeman1881

    Show me your clam!

    The only thing I add (rarely) is the kent bottled additives: Strontium and Molybdenum, Liquid Calc, and Tech M Magnesium. Honestly though, I only throw these in when I do water changes, which is typically monthly. Aside from that I just top off with clean water, and use good salt for changes...
  12. joeman1881

    Show me your clam!

    I picked up a deresa at ADepot a couple years back. This is the first one I ever have bought so I didn't really want to commit to a higher priced piece at the time. I figured it would grow, but I didn't realize just how much. This is a little over two years. You can see it in the bottom right on the sand in the first pic. If anyone has another before and after, please share!
  13. joeman1881

    Aptasia Eating Nudis

    Are these still available? EDIT* I just saw your number above. I sent you a text. Thanks!
  14. joeman1881

    Fish For Sale

    Do you breed these? Still have everything from original post? Do you come through manteca/lathrop at all? Thanks!
  15. joeman1881

    Legendary corals group buy pt2

    How do everyone's frags look now that a couple months have passed? I built a little sump frag tank but had some trouble dialing in lights so I think I may have bleached out my YR ironman a little....but everything else seems to be doing ok.... The chemical x Acans are in the far corner with lower light but I'm getting more of a deep green? Anyone having better light with more/less light?